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Putting color to life

>> Thursday, July 28, 2011

I have less than 20 pages left on my Moleskine. I'm enjoying all the doodling. It's helping me think.

I ride a jeepney 4 times a week. How about you?

My Moleskine has turned into a Death Eater. Scary.

I love McDo fries.

For Ami, who loves to stay in the wee hours of the night to go online.

Yeah, I tried drawing Josh Groban.

Lyrics from Michael Buble's "Everything."

Doctor "Who"

My daily ride


ariaxami 12:21 PM  

I adore your drawings! They are so cute! And good!!! I'm glad you're enjoying the moleskin. But now that it's almost done with, what will you do next? O___O

yumi 5:49 PM  

Buy a new Moleskine then fill it up again!! :D

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