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In the loony bin

>> Wednesday, January 12, 2011

(note: fixed the links because I got a notice that my photobucket bandwidth has exceeded. Uhhh, that photobucket account is nearly empty so I don't know how it photobucket would give up. :P Sooo, please don't hotlink the photos. You can save the photos for yourselves, just host them on your own photosharing sites. Thanskiiies!)

Ok, gather round. It's story time.

(The actual photo is here.)

(Click for the messages from Sarah)

I am officially nuts. Thank you Josh Groban.


Daal 3:49 PM  

This is so much like Ickle and Lardee. :D

Congratulations! :D

-autumnsong/natsumyre/Daal :)

bittersweetm 3:49 PM  

OMJ, this is ABSOLUTELY adorable. You deserved to win that contest, because not only was your entry amazing, but you are an awesome and creative photographer/artist.

The story made me laugh, I especially love the gif of you screaming and flailing [fade out] hahaha

yumi 4:06 PM  

@Daal, I got my inspiration from Ickle and Lardee! Those two "toofs" are too adorable to handle. haha

@M, Eeeee! You're making me blush! I was supposed to make a stop-motion film, but it'll take too much of my time. haha I've procrastinated enough.

haha the flailing was my favorite too. 5 frames aren't enough for flailing!

gracey 11:03 AM  

WAAAAHHH! i feel infinite jolliness from this post! hahaha so funny! :D congrats yumi!

Celeste 9:38 AM  

WOOOOW Yumi, that's the most creative thing I've ever seen... looooooove it!!!! You sooooo deserve to be one of the winners! CONGRATULATIONS!! Celeste, from Brazil

Colleen 10:15 AM  

Cutest thing ever! I came here via Josh Groban's Twitter.

Anne S.,  10:29 AM  

You have a talent honey!! Really good job!

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