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i-can't-afford-a-starbucks-planner year 3

>> Friday, November 12, 2010

It's that time of the year again where Filipinos are scrambling to Starbucks to collect stickers. 18 stickers for a Starbucks planner. As much as I love their new Christmas drink, it's too expensive and I don't want to go bankrupt just to get a planner.

Anyway, I stopped killing my wallet three years ago. This is my third year of making my own yearly planner.

Say hello to my cluttered desk because it's time to go artsy.

Step 1: Collect paper and cut them into the desired size. I went lengthwise on my 2011 planner. Who needs scissors if you can rip em with my good ol' hands and fingers?

Step 2: Separate the pages into months by inserting colored paper. Cut one edge of the paper (of each month). Tatatadah, a colorful year.

Step 3: Mark each month and date by manually writing 'em down. Bring out those water color, pencils and crayons. Art attack!

Step 4: Use an old folder for the cover. Reuse and recycle. Oh mother nature will be proud of me.

Step 5: Cut strips of white cardboard. Fold the sides and stick them to the inside flap of the cover to make business card sleeves.

Step 6: Personalize. Get a visitor from nature to check your work. Mine was a weird-looking bug from somewhere.

Step 7: From the excess cardboard from the folder, create a pen holder. Rummage through your mother's sewing kit and look for garter. Stick it to the cover of the planner.

Step 8: Visit your favorite ring binding store and bind the pages together. I went to UP Shopping Center for my binding needs.

Step 9: Attach an elastic to serve as a latch or some sort of err... elastic that goes around the planner.

Step 10: It is always a requirement to take a photo of the finished product. Show off your so-called artistic skills.


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