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overhaul soon

>> Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dear Blogspot,

I am returning to our love affair. I will just finish this last story for my CW class and I will give you an overhaul. I realized that the banner is outdated and that season 8 is so outdated (but I still love season 8, don't get me wrong). You will get a new banner soon, as well as a new song as a theme. Maybe with all the new Josh Groban photos, I will bring you back to a Josh Groban mood. Do you like that?

I promise to write regularly on you again, maybe make you into a photo story blog. When I went to the Manila International Book Fair yesterday to have a book signed, the Palanca-Awardee Grace Chong told me to write a story every day. I cannot promise to write a story every day, but I will promise to write at least one story a week. One photo and one story. Would that be good? Hopefully that will also practice my narrative skills. I need to start learning how to write for a younger audience.

So are we good now, Blogspot? I hope you forgive me. :)



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