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>> Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh hello. How are you all? It has been what *counts* four months since I last updated blogspot. Don't hate on me blogspot, I still have you on my bookmarks. It's so difficult to find time to sit down and write a blog entry lately. My other blogs are just dumpsites of youtube links, posters, download links, etc etc. Nothing really much about my life.

Speaking of life, I don't have any. My week is summed up in three activities: work, school, and taiji. Work and school bring deadlines and brain strain while Taiji keeps me sane.

I'm proud to say that we finally completed learning the long form of Taijiquan, which means we learned 68 steps in over 3 or so months. Wait, that doesn't mean that we're good at it. We just finished learning all steps. Next on the list is mastering the steps and making it look believable.

I'm on my second year in my MA career and it is killing me. I enrolled myself in a fiction writing class. It's bringing me so much pressure because I'm not trained to become a fiction writer. I took poetry, drama (that's scriptwriting) and non-fiction when I was in my undergraduate course. My non-fiction pieces were all reflective essays, rather than narratives. So writing narratives is my weakness. And look where I am now! Struggling to write a decent story. I have to write 5 stories by Sunday, mind you. So this is definitely a suicide mission.

I'm rambling. I don't know why I'm here, when I'm supposed to be focusing on my story. Maybe because I don't know what to write. Or I'm too scared to write. I have to face this soon enough... meaning now.

Work is the same old, same old. We have an upcoming event in October. I'll post details a few weeks from now. Stay tuned.

I'm surprised there are still people who visit this blog, even if I have abandoned it for a few months. I'm alive and well (judging from the twitter feed at the left of this screen) and Tumblr is saving my sarreh arse from the mundane life.

My banner needs updating. Season 8 is soooo over. Don't get me wrong. I'm still in love with seasons 7 and 8. Nine just sucked for me. No one really stood out. I think I'm just bitter because Americans didn't put Lily Scott through the top 12. When Paige Miles snagged that safe seat, my idol stanning for that season was over.

You prolly know by this time that Adam's coming in October. Tickets are mighty expensive, but I'm dragging my poor pocket to see Adam strut his stuff on stage. I'll cut off my arm and leg for Gold tickets. Sorry VIP, I'm not that crazy or rich enough.

So how are you my lovely people? Are you all still with me? *looks around* No one? Oh well. *walks away* I'll just go back to my ambitious story and hope I could finish one by tonight. No. I HAVE to finish one tonight.

Visit me at 7107photos.tumblr.com for photos and doodles! Oh yes, I found out that I had some sort of crappy drawing skills.


Punky 12:31 PM  

Hey Naomi! This is Punky! So you're an Adam Lambert fan! I am too and my heart broke when he lost to Kris Allen. And when Crystal Bowersox lost, I also lost faith in Idol haha=O

yumi 3:10 PM  

hehey punky! :) oh yeah, another Lambert fan! I didn't care if Kris won because I knew Adam would make it big. I like Kris too so all is well. Are you watching him on October?

Season 9 was boooring. I totally stopped supporting that season when Lilly Scott didn't make the top 12. haha she was my favorite. Crystal should've won too. boo.

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