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>> Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hello, I just came from Sagada.

Our view from St. Joseph's Resthouse

Bomod-ok Falls

Sumaging Cave

Posting this panoramic shot without resizing it. Don't care if it ruins my layout. I want you all to see how beautiful the Philippines is.

My photos are at my Multiply. And yes, I survived and returned in one piece!


Marla 5:36 PM  

Hello. Its been a while since I've visit your site. I thought kase you've abandoned this site na e. Anyway, I like your photos! So refreshing. :-)

yumi 4:11 PM  

I update my tumblr more than my blogspot. I can't seem to abandon my blogspot. hehehe first love never dies? :))

Marla 9:55 PM  

Hahaha! Yes. I also have tumblr but I chose Blogspot over it. This is home. :)

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