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is 2010 here already?

>> Monday, December 07, 2009

1. Lessened coffee intake, meaning no Starbucks coffee for me. Therefore, no stickers for the Christmas drinks.
2. Unsatisfied with the look of the Starbucks planner. Haloooo vertical spaces?

"Make your own planner" Year 2, for only 100 pesos

Step 1:
Bond paper. Use the board to separate the months.

Step 2:
Colored pens. Crayons. Manually write down the days, months and the dates.

Step 3:
Months on Manila paper. Cut and pasted on board paper.

Step 4:
More cutting and pasting and writing for monthly calendars.

Step 5:
Create folder. Be narcissistic by adding name.

Step 6:
Travel to UP Shopping Center to have it ring bound.

Step 7:
Do cover. Stay up in the wee hours of the morning, only to realize that your planned cover ain't working. Too much colors. Looks like a cheap-ass placemat. Straight to the trash can.

Step 7: (take two)
Back to board paper covered in plastic. Simple cut out from scratch paper.

Step 8:
Attach cover to binded contents with thick elastics (from Trinoma). One elastic for binding, one elastic as pencil-holder-slash latch. Use the rest as hippie headbands.

Step 9:
Take a photo of finished product.

This is one way to be excited for 2010. :))


maits 8:15 AM  

you can sell this, yumi! i like handcrafted things.

yumi 9:07 AM  

thanks maits! :) Limited edition planner, niiiice. One stock left. haha

Wowie 6:43 PM  

You never cease to amaze me Sunlight!!!!

Missing you and your blogs terribly!



Wowie 6:46 PM  

Can you make me one? I will pay you ;-)


P.S. In 3 weeks i already got 3 Starbucks planners. And yeah, i couldn't agree more on the vertical spaces....

So what do you think?

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