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the Malanday Experience

>> Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I survived my first sem of my MA education!!! *evil laugh thunder lightning* It was a very fulfilling experience and I totes learned tons from my teachers, classes and classmates.

I think the Ondoy served as a blessing in disguise. Instead of having a final exam for EDR 201 (Psychology of Reading), we were given the task to apply what we've learned for the whole semester by adopting a classroom that was affected by the storm. We chose a Grade 1 and 2 classroom. We discussed amongst ourselves to provide books, activity sheets and flashcards and at the same time decorate the reading corner. Since it was a reading course, we had to apply the reading factors and skills in creating a conducive reading corner for public school children.

Preparation started three days before our actual trip to the public school in Malanday. We met at the Faculty lounge aka the Reading extension (harhar) and pooled our resources to create wall decorations. Rica did the honors of drawing the most-loved Filipino children's lit characters. Some of us looked for words for the flashcards. Some bought books (discounted prices thanks to Adarna House!). Some bought the materials. Everyone did their part. All of these were done while singing along to the Beatles. Here comes the sun, dooroot-doo-doo!

We went to Malanday Elementary School the afternoon of October 25. We lugged our stuff to the room and did our magic.

The wall was bare, except for a sign that said "Reading Corner." Where are the books if it's a reading corner?

Rica, Kaye, Rich and Dulce

T. Portia helping us do the final touches

Kuya Richard and Joem packing the envelopes

The teachers of the future leaders

The gang working to fill the whole wall!

All of us plus the finished reading corner!

Jackie had this insane idea to create a video of the pictures. We enjoyed the semester so much that the class felt like it was a homeroom class. We were even forcing most of our classmates to shift to the Reading department. Haha Anyway, here's the video that I worked on for two days. Thanks T. Portia for a very insightful semester. Here's to EDR 201!


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