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Top ten reasons to know if Yumi is addicted to Twitter:

>> Thursday, October 29, 2009

(or just check the Twitter feed at the left side of this blog.)

One. She tweets every day.

Two. The first program she opens when she is online: Twhirl -- a twitter application.

Three. She does not follow the one and only question of Twitter: What are you doing? Anything that can fit 140 characters will sure come out of her Twitter feed.

Four She only uses her cellphone for one reason: To tweet. She rarely replies to text messages or answer phone calls. But she has the time to tweet.
There are two ways of tweeting via cellphone:
(a) expensive yet quick tweet: twitmessage and send to 2370
(b) go inexpensive, but this tests her patience: go online via WAP, log in and wait to connect
One thing frustrates her though, she can't tweet images. Maybe she needs to change cellphones so she can tweet images.

Five. She abandons YM and chats with her friends via Twitter.

Six. Twitter is source of news.
"Oh there's a storm coming."
"You listened to the evening news?"
"No, I learned about it over Twitter."

Seven. She flails if a celebrity (mostly American Idols) replies to her via Twitter. Michael Castro, Brooke White, Chris Daughtry, Alex Wagner-Trugman, Brent Keith, Lea Salonga. She is still waiting for the following to reply to her: Jason Castro, David Cook, David Archuleta, Matt Giraud, Josh Groban, Kristin Chenoweth, Michael Johns

Eight. If a server is blocking Twitter, she knows various sites that will allow her to tweet without the use of proxies.

Nine. She worries about backreading if she is not able to open her Twitter feed for a day (even for a few hours)

Ten. When she sees/hears/feels anything, she has this urge of tweeting it. This is where phone tweeting comes in handy.


bittersweetm 10:28 AM  

hahaha... welcome to the club. The twitterholics club. :)

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