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Ateneans, wala kayong final exams.

>> Thursday, October 01, 2009

Sana sa UP din ganito. HAHAHA Asa naman ako diba.


30 September 2009

MEMO TO: The Loyola Schools Community

FROM : Ma. Assunta C. Cuyegkeng
Vice President for the Loyola Schools

SUBJECT: After Ondoy

For the past days, we have been hearing stories of loss and devastation experienced by many members of our community. We share in their grief and hope to share, too, in the rebuilding. This aftermath of Ondoy challenges the University?s traditional learning environment; however, it allows us to learn and grow in different ways. Thus, the Deans, Associate Deans, representatives of various sectors, and I have agreed on the following:

1. Unless otherwise announced by CHED, MalacaƱan, or the Quezon City government, classes will continue until 21 October 2009, but there will be no final exams.
a.The basis of the final grade will be the current class standing of the student.
b.If a student wishes to raise his/her grade, s/he will have the option of taking the final exam or fulfilling an equivalent requirement. The deadline for completing INC or NE may be extended.

2.Classes can be used to deal with the aftermath of Ondoy, e.g., apply knowledge, skill sets, and values to understanding and managing disaster, rebuilding and rehabilitation of communities, or organizing and implementing support systems.

3.We are encouraging everyone to assist affected members of our community by volunteering and assisting in any of the following activities:

a.Collection and distribution of relief goods (c/o Ms. Mary Ann P. Manapat, Director of the Office for Social Concern and Involvement, loc. 5090, 5091, direct line: 426-1017, mmanapat@ateneo.edu)

b.Debriefing and counseling assistance (c/o Dr. Edna C. Franco, Chair of the Department of Psychology, loc. 5260, 5262, efranco@ateneo.edu)

c.Accommodation or service assistance to affected members of the LS community (e.g., community/house clean-up, food preparation, laundry, repairs, transport, babysitting, sharing IT and learning resources, etc.) (c/o Ms. Marie Joy R. Salita, Director of the Office of Administrative Services, loc. 5100-5103, msalita@ateneo.edu)

d.Medical and health assistance (c/o Dr. Raymundo S. Baquiran, Director of the Office of Health Services, loc. 5110, 5106, lshealth@admu.edu.ph)

4.We would like to get updates on members of our community who have not been accounted for. You may contact Sanggu (0928 348 1686), Office of the ADSA (0920 914 2372), or Office of the VPLS (0928 503 1248).

I wish to thank all those who have given time, resources and service to our relief operations and look forward to your involvement in the difficult period of rehabilitation.


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