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saturday secrets

>> Saturday, September 19, 2009

Every Saturday, the ontd_ai peeps have this "saturday secrets" post, where -- it's self explanatory, secrets are spilled every Saturday.

I'm having one today, but of course I'll do it in codes or in the vaguest form possible.


I dreamed about you. You broke into a smile when you saw me. We were an item, but weren't official. You weren't even courting me. There was something going on between us but it wasn't a big deal for the both of us. We were just plain happy to see each other.

I forgot most of my dream (because I was supposed to write about it two nights ago, but then internet was down in the office and I keep on forgetting to post it). I only vividly remember one scene.

I was sitting on a bench at a park. Your head was on my lap; your face looking up to my face. My hand was on your chest, and you held it with your hand. Slowly, I moved my head closer to your head. It was a motion to kiss.

But we didn't.

There. So much for getting any news from me. :))


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