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topping the charts

>> Saturday, August 01, 2009

1. RIP Cory Aquino. You will be greatly remembered for your courage and bravery.

2.To those on Twitter, let's celebrate David Archuleta's first anniversary on his first single, Crush! Show your support by tweeting #crush and #davidarchuleta. I've been flooding my Twitter since this morning, along with Chikai and Tia. Even if our tweets weren't related to Archie, we still included a hashtag to our tweets. haha

See, the Archie fans are too epic. They made them trend to the top! Too bad, we couldn't beat the #itsuckswhen. haha Ah well.

3. This is my workspace for today. I was trying to stay away from the internet, so I opened two computers. One was solely for twitter feeds (which I only checked once in a while), while I worked on my lappy in hopes that I'll finish my Psych paper by tonight. I'm almost done, so help me God.

I don't have wide-angle lens, so I cheated with photoshop. teehee.

Click on the photo for a bigger view.


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