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Hold on to that feeling!

>> Sunday, August 02, 2009

This blogger needs some AI looooove.

I still like my layout (and I'm too lazy to sift through thousands of layouts in blogskins.com) so I just changed my header.

Thanks to Brooke Atwell for the photo. All credit to her. Photo ain't mine!

Wish I were at the tour to watch all the epicness that is Season 8.

The logo is from the tour book. Lyrics from "Don't Stop Believing."

Latest video from the tour! This was taken this morning (last night for the Charlotte people).

And because I'm still not over this birthday gift for Kris, I'm posting it again. This is how awesome American Idol is that it's making me do things like this for total strangers who can sing. I've done other contributions to Anoop, Sarver, Megan and Adam. Oh gawd. :))


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