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gone at 29

>> Friday, August 14, 2009

Mom and I slept over at Tita Mimi's house here in Makati last night. Dad's still in Baguio and Mom suggested that we stay in Makati just for one night.

There are two ways in going to Tita Mimi's house. One is you take the jeep to Washington, then ride the tricycle that would drop you right in front of Tita's house. The other is take a jeep to Pasong Tamo, another jeep to Shopwise (PRC jeep), then walk or take the trike to Tita's house. Whichever way you take, the tricycle (or your walking feet) would pass by Santol street that would land you right smack in the middle of Baticulin street and right in front of Tita Mimi's house. If you would imagine the letter T, the vertical line is Santol Street and the horizontal line is Baticulin Street. The point where the vertical and the horizontal lines meet is Tita Mimi's house. It's not that hard to miss.

Anyway, Mom and I opted to walk. I met her at Pasong Tamo, then walked from there to Baticulin. When we arrived at Santol, the whole street was closed. Flowers of condolences were lined up along the sidewalk. The road was usually dim and quiet. It was still quiet last night, but the whole road was illuminated and people were swarming the place. I asked Mom what was going on.

Makati Mayor Binay's daughter-in-law, Kennely, died of giving birth last Tuesday. It was a premature birth, with the baby only seven months in term. She had complications with the pregnancy and was confined for a month before she gave birth.

The wake is being held at Mayor Binay's house along Santol Street. I think it is open to the public because no one minded us when we passed by the wake. I wanted to go inside the house and take a peek, but a mass was going on and it would be improper if some random stranger went in. If a mass wasn't happening on that night, I would've asked my Lola or my Tita to accompany me, since they personally know Binay.

It saddened me that a young mother of 29 left behind four young children (ages 6, 3, 1 and a 7-month old baby). It is the age where a child really needs the nurturing care of a mother. If I were the dad, I wouldn't know how to explain death to the children. The dad has to remain strong for his kids even if inside, he's broken and in mourning. Apart from that, he also has to move on and do his duty as the councilor of Makati. The burden that he is carrying is difficult. I feel for him and his children.

With life, came death.


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