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>> Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Psych class is always fun (even if the paper is killing me).

For our first meeting, we had to decode some internet talk (I failed because the net talk that I know is ontd_ai talk. Sarvering now.)

B: Roger that. But WRT BF SITD
A: WIBNI he just said, like, N/P
A: Roger that. Means what?
B: In a million years.
A: Cool, TTYL TPTB making me go AFK
B: L8R

A: Are you ok?
B: Roger that. But With Regard To BoyFriend, Still In The Dark
A: Wouldn't It Be Nice If he just said, like No Problem
B: In A Million Years
A: What The Heck?
B: Yet Another Bloody Acronym
A: In a million years
B: Cool. Talk To You Later The Powers That Be, making me go Away From Keyboard
A: Later

Then on another class day, we were asked to connect the skills learning of reading to rocky road ice cream and fruit salad. After discussion we were given a treat: rocky road ice cream AND fruit salad. Talk about free food. haha

Remember when I posted a word that I asked you to decode? Yep, I got that from psych class.


The word is: fish

gh - the "f" sound from "enough"
oe - the "ee" sound from the name "Phoebe"
ti - the "sh" sound from "addition"

The yesterday, we played patintero along the corridors of Educ. It was a semi-silent game so that we won't disturb the other classes. Our team lost, but we still got prizes (chewing gum).

School's cool. But the paper is still a torture. haha


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