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>> Sunday, July 12, 2009

I went to Baguio last week on a last-minute invitation by my Tito. It was the first time that I've enjoyed the place because it wasn't crowded nor hot. Off-peak is always the most advisable time to experience the real Baguio -- chilly weather and spacious areas.

I had my jacket zipped up to my neck for three days. Because it was so cold, I bought two new beanies to keep my head warm at night. I now own three beanies. I never missed the Manila weather and I prefer the chilly weather even if it sometimes made my head hurt. Brain freeze!

It was the first time that I've seen a parking meter. Unfortunately, it didn't work and we had to resort to the watch-your-car when we parked for lunch.

Morning Dew

When I was taking a photo of the flower above, a man approached me.

"I see you’re into photography," he said with a friendly tone.

I turned to him and replied, "Yes, po."

"I used to have three cameras at a time." He held up three fingers. "But after six months, a new model comes up."

The old man continued. "Ah then I said to myself, 'I give up. Photography is an expensive hobby.'"

I nodded in agreement. I was reminded of the accessories and lenses that I want to buy.

When he walked by, mom said that he was Alejandro Roces, the National Artist, Philippine Star columnist and the former Secretary of Education.

NO KIDDING MA. I SHOULD'VE ASKED FOR A PHOTO WITH HIM. I also found out that he stayed in a room right across ours in the Inn. No wonder his car had a "press" sticker and his dashboard had a PhilStar newspaper. Starstruck moment.

More photos here.


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