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erd 201

>> Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Psych class is always fun (even if the paper is killing me).

For our first meeting, we had to decode some internet talk (I failed because the net talk that I know is ontd_ai talk. Sarvering now.)

B: Roger that. But WRT BF SITD
A: WIBNI he just said, like, N/P
A: Roger that. Means what?
B: In a million years.
A: Cool, TTYL TPTB making me go AFK
B: L8R

A: Are you ok?
B: Roger that. But With Regard To BoyFriend, Still In The Dark
A: Wouldn't It Be Nice If he just said, like No Problem
B: In A Million Years
A: What The Heck?
B: Yet Another Bloody Acronym
A: In a million years
B: Cool. Talk To You Later The Powers That Be, making me go Away From Keyboard
A: Later

Then on another class day, we were asked to connect the skills learning of reading to rocky road ice cream and fruit salad. After discussion we were given a treat: rocky road ice cream AND fruit salad. Talk about free food. haha

Remember when I posted a word that I asked you to decode? Yep, I got that from psych class.


The word is: fish

gh - the "f" sound from "enough"
oe - the "ee" sound from the name "Phoebe"
ti - the "sh" sound from "addition"

The yesterday, we played patintero along the corridors of Educ. It was a semi-silent game so that we won't disturb the other classes. Our team lost, but we still got prizes (chewing gum).

School's cool. But the paper is still a torture. haha


taiji chen 26

>> Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shameless plugging:

Taiji Demo
Convenarium, Crossroad 77
August 7, 2009
8 pm

Admission is Free

I'll be with the Chen Style 26 group. Look for me at the 2nd row. :)


be a drawing on strawberry swing

>> Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm not an avid fan of Coldplay, but I love their new video to death.

The video for "Strawberry Swing" was drawn entirely in chalk. I believe that's Chris Martin, their vocalist, as the only real character in the video. Imagine the number of shots done to create a 4-minute video. It's like making an old-school animation, where every frame is drawn by hand.

Click on the photo to watch the video.

I want to try to make a video like this. Hmmm. Now to find the time. :P


send us someone

>> Monday, July 20, 2009

Of all the pre-idol musical tracks of Adam Lambert, this one is my most favorite. I call it my soul-up-lifter song. This came from the 10 Commandments the musical, where Adam played Joshua.

Is Anybody Listening?
10 Commandments the Musical
sung by Adam Lambert

They say I've got no right
to question life without hope
Or ask for anything more
than to suffer and bleed at the end of a rope

They say I've got no right
to look them in the eye
That I belong in the dust at their feet
but one day for sure, I'm gonna die

Is anybody listenin'?
Does anybody hear?
Does anybody out there
see us drowning in our tears?
Is our future written
on a sky of cold stone?
God, if you're listenin', let us know

They teach us to believe
we're not strong like them
That we don't have the will
to crush these walls that hold us in

They try and make us think
that we'll never have a chance
Can I fight for my own freedom
with only these two hands?

Is anybody listenin'?
Does anybody hear?
Does anybody out there
see us struggling with our fear?
Is our future written
on a sky of cold stone?
If you're listenin', let us know
God, if you're listenin', let us know

You can tie a rock to my soul
But you can't build a prison
for my mind, no
You can chain my body to the earth
But still the spirit flies
My spirit flies

Does anybody out there
see us drowning in our fear?
Will our hopes die slowly
in the heat of the desert sun?
God if you hear us
send us someone

God if you hear us
send someone

Is anybody listenin?


Say banana! Say strawberry!

>> Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We had a photoshoot two weeks ago at Picture Company. The Galileo Team had loads of fun!

I love this photo so much. I can't wait to get the hard copy! We have to wait till September when Ann comes home from Singapore. For now, we'll have to enjoy the scanned photos first.

Adi is Galinda, I'm Elphaba. T. Beth, Ann and Jocel are the Mardi Gras paraders, Apple is the showgirl, Mel is the rubberduckie cowboy, Mrs. Matti is the superwoman, Cel is the Bug with a baton, while Edgar and are the errr...weirdos in arfos. hahaha

More photos here.



>> Sunday, July 12, 2009

I went to Baguio last week on a last-minute invitation by my Tito. It was the first time that I've enjoyed the place because it wasn't crowded nor hot. Off-peak is always the most advisable time to experience the real Baguio -- chilly weather and spacious areas.

I had my jacket zipped up to my neck for three days. Because it was so cold, I bought two new beanies to keep my head warm at night. I now own three beanies. I never missed the Manila weather and I prefer the chilly weather even if it sometimes made my head hurt. Brain freeze!

It was the first time that I've seen a parking meter. Unfortunately, it didn't work and we had to resort to the watch-your-car when we parked for lunch.

Morning Dew

When I was taking a photo of the flower above, a man approached me.

"I see you’re into photography," he said with a friendly tone.

I turned to him and replied, "Yes, po."

"I used to have three cameras at a time." He held up three fingers. "But after six months, a new model comes up."

The old man continued. "Ah then I said to myself, 'I give up. Photography is an expensive hobby.'"

I nodded in agreement. I was reminded of the accessories and lenses that I want to buy.

When he walked by, mom said that he was Alejandro Roces, the National Artist, Philippine Star columnist and the former Secretary of Education.

NO KIDDING MA. I SHOULD'VE ASKED FOR A PHOTO WITH HIM. I also found out that he stayed in a room right across ours in the Inn. No wonder his car had a "press" sticker and his dashboard had a PhilStar newspaper. Starstruck moment.

More photos here.


Run Radio

>> Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Calling all running enthusiasts!

Run Radio
Fridays 9-10pm NU107

Run Radio will be a 60-minute radio show featuring the following segments that both newbie and serious runners (and to an extent, non-runners too!) would find interesting -- product review, advice segment (docs, coaches, nutritionists), power songs (to pump up your adrenaline as you run!), hitting the wall with our guest runners (from celebrities to running groups), and the 5k challenge where non-runners from all walks of life will transform into a 5k finisher in a matter of 6-8 weeks.

Hosted by: Jaymie Pizarro (http://thebullrunner.com) and Jay Nacino (http://prometheuscometh.wordpress.com)

Featured guests for the nutrition, coaching and injury prevention segment:
Premiere race organizer and running coach Rio dela Cruz
Nutritionist and triathlete Dr. George Bodegon
Ultramarathoner and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Paolo Punsalan

Resident product tester:
Shoe expert and ultramarathoner Hector Yuzon (founder of Second Wind running store)

Launch airdate: July 24, NU107
Regular schedule: Fridays 9-10pm

One of their feature stories:
The Nike+ 5K Challenge aims to dare non-runners to make running an integral part of their lives. For this season, our challenger is an MBA student who seeks to combat the unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. Ten Outstanding Young Students awardee and Ateneo de Manila batch valedictorian Patrick Echevarria will be trained by the Nike Running Clinic for eight weeks until he starts running his first 5k race.

Run Radio is made possible by Nike, Print Avenue, Botak, Finishline.ph, Pinoy Ultra Runners, Second Wind Running Store, and RUNNR




>> Monday, July 06, 2009

5-7, 7(8)-6(6), 7(7)-6(5), 3-6, 16-14.

Congrats Federer! We're back to the number 1 spot!


hold on to that feeling!

>> Thursday, July 02, 2009


I'm hyper. I need to start working. This post will be totally random. This will be incoherent.

Don't give me that whuuut face. Be happy because the AI8 tewer will be onnnnn in a few days! AI is now running my life (with some side fandomness to tennis because it's the Wimbly season. Wimblee-doo-dum is the only grandslam that is always on the Twitter trending topics)


Oh oh oh, I'd like to thank the wonderful Liza for tweeting Beverly Cleary. BECAUSE THE BEVERLY CLEARY GREETED ME ON MY BIRTHDAY. I roole. Beverly rooles. Liza rooles big time.

I miss taking photos. I need a free Saturday when I can just shoot and shoot. I'm still looking forward to that Black and White shoot. I want portrait shots in B&W. I have one of our boss. I want moar. Like a real photoshoot doode.

(Yo, unedited and oh-so-raw file. I'm still lazy to put a watermark on it.)

But I have a hectic schedule because yes o yes peeeple, I'm studying. Not college nitwicks, but I'm taking my Masters degree in Reading Education because I can't read for heaven's sakes! Hahaha Kiddin' yo. So far I'm enjoying my classes even if I already see the challenges up ahead. Lezzdothisss yo. Imma kick ass in school-schmoool!

*sings* I WANNA RAAWWWKKK! I'm so addicted to Rock of Ages. It's a new musical about classic rock. The cheesiness of rock and the LSS-abilities of the songs are getting to me. I love it to bits. I wanna see it on Broadway. I wanna rock with them.



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