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spam wars

>> Saturday, June 20, 2009

Congratulations to Alvin for his wohnnndurfull exhibit!

Check out "Spam Wars" at the Big and Small Gallery, 4th Floor, Megamall A. His artwork are for sale and they're made out of awesomeness and epic win.

Adi, Emman and I dragged Alvin to Megamall to give us a tour of his gallery. We stayed there for about half an hour to an hour, just talking about his painting process and anything that concerned his paintings.

The best part about having the artist around is that I get to touch the painting. Hahhahaha It's bad manners if you touch the painting without asking permission from the artist. Some artists do not want their work to be touched, because the sweat and the dirt from the visitor's hands might ruin the color or the texture of the artwork. But since Alvin gave the go signal, I let my finger connect with the canvas... literally. Hahaha

The gallery is open until tomorrow before it will be transfered to a bigger gallery somewhere. Go support an artist, buy artwork.

More pictures of our goofiness at my Multiply.


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