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Soundstage Presents: An Evening In New York City with Josh Groban

>> Thursday, June 04, 2009

I am such an impulsive buyer when it comes to Josh Groban albums. When the promo for the Awake CD/DVD was released, I broadcasted to the blogger wold that I wanted to have the DVD. Jace had it shipped from the States. If I waited a few months, then we would've gotten it at a cheaper price. The only consolation I got from the DVD is that I watched it before it was released here in the Philippines.

Now I'm doing the same for another Josh DVD. I'm 90% sure that this will not be released here because this is not part of any international tour.

I love this version of You Are Loved. It's a different arrangement from what is included in the Awake CD. Josh also included a bridge which lifts the inspirational value of the song.

When your heart is feeling alone
And your voice can not be heard
You can't always see the end
You don't need to find the words
You are someone I believe (in)
When the tears fall from above
Know that right now I am with you
And when I'm with you
You are loved

Along with the clip, the Josh Store put up a pre-order link to the whole concert. Being the impulsive buyer and fan, I immediately pre-ordered the DVD. Jace lent me his credit card and I promised to pay him as soon as he gets the bill for it. I didn't care how much it will cost me.

yumi: june 9 ang release date
di ko alam kung gano katagal shipping
Jace: so june 9, dapat nasa iyo na yan?
yumi: ganon ba yon?
haha pre-order kasi yan eh. so maybe it'll arrive days (or weeks) after june 9?
Jace: kasi the two times i ordered jason mraz online, the first one arrived on the release date. the second one, a week before
eh di sana on june 9
better if that way. haha
Jace: *crossed fingers*

I do hope I get it on the release date.


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