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>> Monday, June 22, 2009

Yesterday, our Pocket Idol turned 24. As a celebration, the peeps from ontd_ai came up with a birthday project. 200+ fans participated in this video, where each of us held up a word to the lyrics of No Boundaries.

The output is EPIC. Epic I say! *shakes fist*

What made it more amazing is that they got Alex Wagner-Trugman and Ricky Braddy to participate in the video.

Enjoy your LSS moment; spot Alex, Ricky, me, Tia, Chikai, Trish, and Kaci!!

I came out twice:

1. Hand (2:28) - Philippines represent! I guess I should've formed the words "Happy Birthday" with the Scrabble tiles. Didn't think of that until another Kris fan pointed it out. wengk wengk wengk. I also didn't have black nail polish so that I could have a Kris nail, so I just mixed whatever I had: blue and red. I ended up having a purple thumb.

2. Where (1:42) - This was last minute. There was a desperate request to fill in for some words. I guess no one wanted to get them because of the super duper split-second exposure. Since I already submitted the "hand," I didn't care much on how long the word would be shown. Thanks to mom for helping me take this photo. I was lazy to set up my tripod and use the self-timer.

Chikai was holding the word "'cause." (2:40)
Trish was holding the word "climb." (2:48)
Tia was in a blue and pink striped top, holding the word "through." (2:14)
Kaci wrote "hurricanes" on her arm. (2:15)
Alex held up the word "you" while blowing a nose bubble. GROSS BB. (2:42)
Ricky held up his lappy with the word "you" typed on it. (2:29)

*tear* I'm so proud of us guys.



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