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i see your true colors shining through

>> Saturday, June 13, 2009

The American Idol 8 Tour is kicking off in July. They have a new gimick: the idols will have their respective tour colors. So for the fans who will be watching the show, show your support by wearing your idol's colors.

Matt Giraud: Black and white plus fedoras

@MGiraudOfficial On tour my fans will be wearing black and white. With fedoras :) see ya then. I'll be looking for the fedoras out there!

Danny Gokey: Purple

@dannygokey Hey u guys for the tour I'm thinking the color purple. It was my wife's favorite color and it stands for royalty! =)

Michael Sarver: Orange
Megan Joy: Yellow

@michaelsarver1 Since Megs color is yellow I am more than happy to go with orange. Spread the word. Michaels tour color will be orange.

Scott MacIntyre: Red

@IdolScott Everyone ready to RED it up on tour?! :)

Anoop Desai: Blue (Carolina blue, to be exact)

@AnoopDoggDesai Tour color is Carolina Blue, of course!!

Adam Lambert: Black and blue (and a lotta glitter!)

From the comcast.net chat: Blue and silver... and definitely a lot of black. And bring your black nail polish and your eyeliner, people! And just sprinkle glitter all over everything!

I'm still on the lookout for the colors of Adam, Kris, Allison (looks like it ain't gonna be red because Scotty took that color) and Lil. If I were going to the tour, I'd wear a multi-colored shirt; or change shirts every set. haha


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