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Every year we're getting closer to who we're gonna be

>> Monday, June 15, 2009

Reanne's partay was a blast! Liza, Regi and I are never too old to enjoy debuts. However, we were the only friends present who have graduated from college already. We were surrounded by college kids, batch 2011. They'll graduate by 2011. I bet one of us will be married already by 2011 (hindi ako yon). ahahaha Reanne called her friends by first name basis. When she addressed us, there was always an 'Ate' or 'Kuya'. Yes, we're that old.

"We partied like rockstars!" /Liza. Yeaaaah, rockstars in white.

It was an all-white debut. Those who failed to follow the rules faced a consequence that involved raw eggs. Mwohohoho. Evil laugh on those who came in other colors.

Liza and I loved the song choices of the program. When one of Reanne's friends played the keyboard, Liza and I sang along to "Think of Me," complete with the high trills. Then during the 18 roses, two of David Archuleta's songs were used (Think of Me and You Can). When it was Bro A's turn to dance with Reanne, the song "For Good" played. Wikkid geeks unite! Too bad, Reanne removed 525,600 minutes in the song list. I'm sure we would've sang along to that song too.

I was so close to killing Reanne. We've been talking about her program since last year, but she never mentioned that I was part of her program. So imagine the shock when the coordinator texted me an hour before the debut, reminding me that I would be part of the 18 Flashbacks. KACHING KACHING. Regi helped me think of a memory and I used it. YAAAAYYYYY. Savior ka, Regi.

Abusing the photobooth. We were trying to channel musical characters, but with the lack of proper props, we just had to manage with what was available. Me as the white Elphaba, Regi as the Phantom (fail red mask haha) and Liza as Galinda. TOSS TOSS!!

The purdee lights inside Plaza Ibarra

Regi waiting for his turn at the 18 roses

The birthday girl

Moi and Liza

Liza and Regi

Pumipicture habang may program dun sa likod. Pasaway.

The boyband of the night. Ang cute nilang lahat. :| =)) One is adorable cute, one is heyy cute, and one is picture-perfect cute. HAHAHAHA Why are the cute guys younger than me???????

This part was funny. When it was Max's turn to sing, the two guys left him alone to serenade Reanne. Reanne's blockmates told her to sit beside Max. Soooooooo. Fishy. =))

YUN YON EH. Nagtilian yung mga tao when Max hugged Reanne. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

More pictures at me Multiply. I'll wait for Reanne to post the photos from the official photographer. Legolas (the name Liza gave to the photographer because he looked like Legolas, only with curly hair), took photos of me while taking photos with my Joshua bullhorn. Nakarami siyang photos, so I want them. :)) I also want to see the photos of us with Reanne!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, DEAR! See you online next week. hahaha


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