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labor day with the animals

>> Saturday, May 02, 2009

Celebrating Labor Day is confusing. Labor Day is devoted to thanking God for work, but we celebrate it by not going to work. Think about it. It's that one day that everyone looks forward to, but we're celebrating it in the wrong way.

Anyway, I spent my Labor Day by taking my godchild Cielo to see the animals. We went to the Avilon Zoo, which is located somewhere in Montalban, Rizal. I enjoyed the trip because we saw different animals and my zoom lens proved to be worthy of taking close up shots of dangerous animals.

Cielo was funny. She was fascinated with the crocodiles. After passing by the cages of the crocodiles, she kept on pulling her dad's arm back to the crocodile lair. So when we thought she loved the predators, we took her to see the cougars. She hated the big cats.

are you my lunch?
Are you my lunch?

Go visit Avilon Zoo. Entrance fee is 250 for adults and 200 for kids. Visit them at Avilonzoo.com.ph for directions. I'm bad with directions so I'll just give you the link to the map instead. :P It's seven hectares of birds, reptiles, mammals, fish, monkeys, big cats, insects and amphibians.

More photos at my Multiply or my Flickr.


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