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>> Sunday, May 17, 2009

My throat hurts with all the screaming, BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER! Consider it my "battle scars" for last night's concert.

It was awesome. It was great. It was THE experience of the year.

I'm as speechless as Archie. Thank you is all I can say. Tia, Chikai and I had a blast. You two Davids definitely rocked Mall of Asia!

Photo from Snarky Archies

It's funny how people's reactions can trigger a domino effect. Around 8:00 PM While waiting for the concert to start, we heard screams from the back. Everyone stood from their chairs to see what was happening, maybe Archie decided to enter from the gold section or something. We whirled around and stretched our necks. Haha, the people at the back wanted some love and attention.

At 8:30 PM, lights were dimmed and we saw silhouettes of people taking their places. Everyone were on their feet and cheered. The guitars strung the first note, the keyboard keyed in the first chord, the music increased its volume. We screamed some more.

I strained my voice the moment Archie stepped on to the stage. EPIC MOMENT STARTS NOW!!

I am a fan of Archie's keyboardist, Kendra. She harmonized on all of Archie's songs, she played the keyboards AND played the violin. GO KENDRA!

Now I know the band members. Alex is the bassist, Eli is the drummer aaand Mike on the guitar. I wasn't able to take photos of Eli and Mike. Meh.

Thanks to the Snarkies for the setlist.
Touch my Hand
A Little Too Not Over You
You Can
My Hands
Your Eyes Don't Lie
To Be With You
Don't Let Go
Waiting for Yesterday (eh-i-yeah, eh-i-yeah-eh!)
Stand By Me (with the Beautiful Girls insert)
A Thousand Miles
ZERO GRAVITY!!!! Wooohooooo! The world just disappears, when you're near. It's like zero gravity! Archie kept jumping up and down, running from one side to another. It was too cute.

Zero Gravity from yumi pitargue on Vimeo.

Cookie had an interesting entrance. If you've seen some videos of the Idol tour last year, you'll be familiar with the ascending platform in the middle of the stage. Cookie appeared from the trap door -- what a rockstar entrance. FOR THE WIN.

Someone held up a poster, asking Neal to marry him. Hahaha
Neal, Kyle, Joey, Andy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cookie went down the stage to the Titanium section. ERRRR UNFAIR. HE SHOULD'VE GONE TO OUR SECTION! He grabbed some cameras pointed at him and took photos of himself.

The World I Know
Mr. Sensitive
Life on the Moon
Always Be My Baby (the crowd went berserk with this. hahaha ABMB fans unite! =)) ew haahah)
Kiss On The Neck (Tia LOOOOVED this /sarcasm hahahaha)
Straight Ahead
Make Me
Little Lies
Come Back to Me

I wasn't able to take a video of all performances because (1) I only had 1 GB worth of memory for BOTH the Davids, and (2) I had to make sure that I had enough battery all throughout the show. I'll just post the links of the videos as soon as Tia and Chikai posts theirs.

We saw Daddy Jeff Archuleta watching from the stage wings!

For the encore (or was it a planned song to end the night?) Cook sang A Daily AntheM for us. He didn't forget to mention his dear brother Adam, who passed away with his battle against cancer. Nearing the end of the song, he called on Archie to sing the "wooo-aaah" part. Archie put a poppish twist to the song. Heeehee, cute. It was epic because Cookie and Archie stopped singing, the band stopped playing, and they let the audience sing last lines. It was amazing to see the people waving their hands up in the air while singing in unison.

They ended the night with a sweaty Cookleta hug. AWWWW!!! BIG BROTHER-LITTLE BROTHER MOMENT! I LOVE THOSE TWO.


P.S. Thanks to Adi for lending me her camera. Hehe DSLRs weren't allowed in the premises. BOOO. My zoom lens would be perfect to see the Davids up close.


Arli 6:53 PM  

Aww haha very well said!
one epic night, two epic performers WOOOO!
I hope they come back!

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