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davids sandwiched at kradam

>> Wednesday, May 27, 2009


2. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I have no other words for it; I immediately burst out laughing when I saw this.

Credit to Snarkies.

3. A quote from Cookie's Twitter Interview:

Q: What is your most memorable moment from your trip to Manila?
"At the end of the show when we brought Archie back on the set and the entire audience of 150,000 people sang along with us, it was powerful."

I remember seeing Cookie being overwhelmed during that moment. He squatted then held his hand to his mouth in awe. Epic.

4. I'm such a fangirl. I'm listed at the kradam sites:

glambert # = 2876
globert (global lambert) # = 145
Philambert (Philippine Lambert) # - 38

K-sizzle Allenation Philippines# = 2


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