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an adamazing and a kick-awesome finals

>> Wednesday, May 20, 2009

AI8 spoilers ahead. I warned yah

I'll be posting tweets from other idols from the past seasons in between my comments. It's so amusing that the idols are following this season and they have their own bets. My favorite twitter person for today's performance: Chris Sligh of Season 6.

Tweeet from Archieboo who just got a new haircut: Going to the Tuesday finale show for AI tonight!

Personal Choice
Adam sings Mad World (my most favorite Adam song). What is Adam wearing? Oh a trench coat. I feel like I'm watching a movie with the entrance. What's up with the fog and the stairs? :)) They all loved it. What do you expect, they love the Glambert. I love him too.

Randy says Twilight.
Simon says Phantom of the Opera.

Tweet from Cris Sligh (Season six): I love Adam Lambert. I think he has the best voice in Idol history. But how can u not wanna vote for Kris? He's the underdog. Vote Kris

Kris Allen sings Ain't No Sunshine. The piano looks schmexy on you bb. Katy is so pretty. Simon claps for Kris. The audience is on their feet! Simon approves!

Michael Castro tweets: Kris ftw tonight!! Who's with me?!

Darth Vader speaks. Round one goes to Kris.

Producer's choice
Change is gonna come for Adam. That tie Adam. It's like Kris' tie during the Rat Pack week. It's not fixed properly! Hahahaha LOVE THE LAST NOTE.

Kris during the Rat Pack Week: NOTE THE TIE.

Adam always has his tie fixed. The top button is always... buttoned. But today was different. Unbuttoned and loose tie. OH COME ON. Kradam proof.

Blake Lewis tweeting inside the theater: At idol. This finale is going to be great. Adam and kris both sound huge in the Nokia Theater

Maaaan I'm confused. I don't know who I want to win!!! Ohhh Katie Holmes and Suri in the house!

What's going On, Kris? He is the music man. First the piano, and now the guitar! Love the last note too! I have a good feeling these two are sharing notes with each other. HALABYOOO TOO KRIS.

Shut up Randy. Light?! That's Kris for you. Kris will never be glam and deal with it. Headdesk to Simon and your metaphors. Three friends in a bedroom? Oh camon.

I'm guessing round two goes to Adam, without asking for Darth Vader's opinion.

GLEE RULES. I WATCHED THE FIRST EPISODE AND I LOVED IT. Give me the second episode now! Not in September, but noooow.

Ohhh there's a new show: Mental. Looks interesting.


No Boundaries written by Kara Dioguardi. Okhaaaay. This is the downfall of Season 8.

Alex Wagner-Trugman tweets: At the idol show with taylor. Definitely not supposed to have a phone. Seacrest is so shiny...

I wonder who taylor is. Girlfriend?

Adam on the last word: Boun-daaaaaaa-rs. HAHAHAHAHA Di umabot yung "-ries" =))

Cris Sligh Tweets: Sheesh what a dumb song.

Ok Kara only liked the performance because she wrote it. WEEHHHHH.

Simon has found the star in Adam. WOOOOOOO. *dances*

Rickey: That song was haaa-ree-ble.

@americnidolvote: RT @maritajan: #americanidol the idol song always sucks. Adam did what he could

ChrisSligh: My lyrics for next year's winner song: I'm at the top of a hill Gonna test my will The rainbows are gonna fly With beautiful color oh my!


The song does not fit the voice quality of my two BBs.

Kris is straining his voice! You can see his struggle on the chorus. He's he pulling his head back while hitting those high notes.

Request to Kris and Adam: If one of you wins and records an album with this sucky song as a single, please please refuse.

I'd give the vote to the Kradam just for suffering through that song. Hahaha. Seriously.

Awww Kris' mother is dashing tonight. KLC is in the audience.

AWWWWWW KRADAM HUG. LALALALALALALALA. Wow, congratulations. You did not go overtime.

Carrie Underwood live with video clips from the auditions to Hollywood week. I want a copy of this song.

BlakeLewis Kris?? So typical. Adam slayed it the whole season. All my peoples have a great night and support my dude Adam Lambert. Boooyakasha.
AnoopDoggDesai What an amazing experience this has been
michaelsarver1 This has been the ride of a life time. Thank you God for all you've done for me.
Michael_Castro Mad world? Boringggg. Let's go kris!
PhilStacey Adam wins... But I'm way more of a Kris Allen fan.
Idol360 I don't want either of them to release that song.
dannygokey I have to say it was still such a great experience being in the crowd tonight! Im so thankful for how my life has went from pain to gain!

The tweets are coming in like crazyyyyyy. I'll stop pasting tweets now. Tomorrow will be a big day. KRADAM FTW!


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