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4/4 shoot

>> Sunday, May 10, 2009

We had another photoshoot yesterday at Jace's uncle's house. I think it was the most number of themes we did in the span of one day. So many costume changes, poses, and chatter in between takes. It was definitely fun!

Flickr has most of em!

More at my Multiply.
1: Picnic By The Pool
2: Chillin' on a Summer Day
3: Fatal Love
4: I am a feeshee!!

I was a lazy photographer yesterday, so most of the photos were taken by Cerz, Cams or Miyo. They babysitted my camera while the owner tried so hard to be a model. I only took full ownership on the photos at the second shoot, which was the murder scene. I fail at being goth/dark so I sat out on that.

The last shoot wasn't supposed to happen because we ran out of time already, and I was nagging them to let me swim. The water was really inviting and the hot weather was just pushing me to jump into the pool. However, Cerz prolonged my swimming by making me sit on the chair and putting make up on me. I'm a fish in the water!

Photography by:
Me (yawmeepeets.multiply.com)
Jason Lim (jslphotos.multiply.com)
Ceres Barrios (ichihachi.multiply.com)
Tia Barretto (aznstar.multiply.com)
Cams Delos Reyes (camsisoy.multiply.com)
Miyo Sta. Maria (blindbard.multiply.com)

Make up by: Ceres Barrios and Tia Barretto
Clothes provided by: Me, Cams Delos Reyes, Ceres Barrios and Jason Lim

Ceres Barrios
Tia Barretto
Cams Delos Reyes
Miyo Sta. Maria
Geopet Lorenzana


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