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>> Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can I please do an Idol spoiler here? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?

I won't pimp all of the contestants here, because Multiply is the page for AI fandomness.

Ailen introduced me to the movie "Once" last year. It's about a struggling musician (Glen Hansard) who meets a flower seller (Markéta Irglová). Guy finds out that Girl is a piano player and they collaborate on making a demo cd.

While watching the online streaming this morning, I instantly flailed when they played Kris Allen's pre-performance video. The moment I heard the first note, I squealed in excitement. While the others sang mainstream movie songs, Kris chose Falling Slowly from Once. Falling Slowly wasn't made to become a mainstream song, nor created in hopes of making it to the top list on iTunes. It's a simple song to sing, but connecting with it is difficult. You have to be stripped down into nothingness to be able to understand Guy's character in the movie.

(But Falling Slowly won Best Original Song at the Oscars. :P YAY!)

Kris ditched the guitar. KRIS NAILED THE SONG.

Boo to Randy for hating it. PITCHY?!?! EXCUSEME, KRIS WAS AMAZING. I bet Randy didn't watch (or hasn't heard of) Once.

Here's what MJ had to say about Kris' performance:

"Falling Slowly" Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova - Once - Q says he captured the spirit of the competition the most. They go back and forth about playing an instrument, but Kris decides to sing without. Ok, this is a very sweet vocal. Oooh some really delicate, beautiful phrasing going on. I like the way he trails off his phrases. Absolutely lovely falsetto. This is a winner. He's hitting a perfect glory note. I am getting chills as I type this. THE BEST PERFORMANCE TONIGHT. More chills. WOW. Kris has got it going on. Randy didn't like it. He's a complete moron. He says it was pitchy. No, it was not. Kara says, "It was one of your best moments ever." Paula yips in her seat, knowing she can’t say anything. What is Randy smoking?

Can I just say one last thing?

LIL ROUNDS, GO HOME. I turned off my speakers when she started talking back to the judges, especially to Simon. That was rude Lil. Totally rude. Seriously, when I watch the replay tonight, I'm going to walk out. I don't want to hear her excuses anymore.


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