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bright colors shining, wonderful and new

>> Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lee Mead just got married last Saturday (April 25, 2009) to Denise Van Outen.

Photo from dailymail.co.uk

To those who aren't familiar with Lee Mead, he just ended his run at Joseph at West End's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. He got the role by joining a tv contest, "Any Dream Will Do," where the winner would get to play Joseph. He met Denise in that show, where she was a judge. Lee asked her out five months after winning the role. Two years later, they are now a married couple.

Lee is my British kulot (Groban is the American kulot). I've rooted for him since his audition and is still fascinated with his vocal ability. He was really born for the stage. I dream on watching him on stage. Since he's not anymore doing Joseph, I'll just wish for another play.

So to Denise and Lee, congratulations! And Lee, I love your second album.


crazy piano skeelz

>> Monday, April 27, 2009

I wasn't really a Scott McIntyre fan. But when I saw this clip, I was amazed. He's a better piano player than a singer. Mad piano skills. Chopin!


I feel like I'm 17 again

>> Saturday, April 25, 2009

I love this picture of me and Chikai. We had the whole afternoon to watch 17 Again and fangirl over Zac Efron. The movie is so High School Musical minus the singing. The dancing and the basketball are there. Prepare to see some Zac hotness.

I decided to paint my nails Alexis Grace dark red. However, the nail polish I bought fooled me. It said it was deep red, but when I started painting my nails, it turned out to be fuschia. And I need Adam Lambert badly because I fail at this nail painting. The polish is uneven on my nails, it's so ugly. Hahaha

You gotta check out the brand of my nail polish. It's "Mwah," but what definitely pwns all nail polish is the names of the shades.

James Yam
John Lloyd Blues
Brad Pink
Antonio Lavanderas
Piolo Pastel
Mark Herrust
Diether O'Cooper
Jericho Rose
Greenier Castillo
Orlando Blue
Sam Milky

I got the Johnny Dep Red. THIS IS FULL OF WIN.


twit twit

>> Friday, April 24, 2009

That's it. I gave in to the fad. I'm finally on Twitter.

Top five reasons why I signed in to Twitter:
1. AI people are there: Archuleta, Castro, Brooke, Seacrest, Abdul
2. Microblogging is addicting
3. Celebrities update it themselves, and not their PR agents
4. You can customize the wallpaper of your page (Mine is Spring Awakening!)
5. You can twit using your phone (haven't tried it though)

I'm still waiting for Josh Groban to get a Twitter account.

So if you're on Twitter, add me up. My username is bloowind.

Blue Wind. My favorite scene from Spring Awakening
Bloo. There's an existing bluewind account already. I couldn't think of another username, so I just changed the spelling of blue. Besides, I love Bloo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. I'm crazy in the Bloo way.

So, what are you doing?



>> Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I made myself a mini Nikon! I'm making a bigger version and make it into a pendant.

The real thang and the mini thang:


josheh goes lolcat

>> Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Photo courtesy of the __grobanites.

Sexeh kitteh wil go pewpewpew on u!!!111!!!!


all that's known

>> Monday, April 20, 2009

Plot inspirations for musicals are a mix of everyday experiences, fantasy and imagination. Some are exaggerations of the truth, while some reflect the reality of life.

With the addiction to Adam Lambert Wicked, the door to watching musicals has reopened. Watching bootlegs have made me look beyond the entertainment value. I think about what the script really has to say, what experiences happened to be able to create such characters, how this and that kind of stage directions add to the emotion of the scene, what the lines symbolize, etc. etc.

While fairy tales end in a happy note, some stage plays sacrifice a happy ending to better understand what humans feel, go through, and how they deal with life's pressures. However, I find it depressing when the plot answers a problem through death or a deviation from the law.

In Spring Awakening, Moritz kills himself when he flunks in school and does not get any support from his parents.

In Bare, Jason succumbs to drugs when he loses his boyfriend (yes, boyfriend) and gets a batchmate pregnant. He eventually dies of overdose.

---Commercial break---

Spring Awakening >>>>>>>>>>> Bare.

What a hawt cast. Photo by nymag.com

Jonathan Groff (Melchior) loves American Idol. Ohhhhh.

---End commercial---

In Wicked, Elphaba gives in to being the Wicked Witch of the West because Madame Morrible said so.

Not all musicals conclude their plot with the lead character continuing alone and heart-broken. There are still musicals that end with a song of hope and happily-ever-after's.

Take for example, Billy Elliot. Billy wasn't born to be a boxer. He tried to become one, but his heart wasn't into it. He found his way to ballet, secretly taking lessons because his father did not approve of a womanly dance.

This is not an example of a deviation from the law because Billy did not break any rules. Boys were never prohibited to this kind of dance. Even if he did not get the support from his father, he continued to excel in his craft, eventually earning him the lead role in Swan Lake.

Another is Joseph from Joseph and the Amazing Techicolor Dreamcoat. Joseph had a good career going for him in Egypt. When temptation crept in, he thought about his own values. The future seemed bleak for him as he was thrown into prison to rot. God knew better and He used prison to unleash Joseph's gift in predicting dreams.

Who would ever forget Elle Woods from Legally Blonde the Musical. The bend and snap sorority president first set her eyes in winning back Warner's heart. Then she learned that the battle is not with Warner, but with herself. She learned to study hard and proved that a blonde girl can be smart to win a case.

Everyone goes through trials. Life ain't easy for everyone, even for characters in stage plays. The real deal is how one chooses his actions in the face of difficulty.

Moritz could've asked for a scholarship and asked help from his best friend Melchior with his studies. Jason could've said no to Ivy when she was asking him to sleep with her. Elphaba could've continued to do good, even if it meant doing it alone and without any support from the citizens of Oz.

I'm not saying that the scripts are crappy or the playwrights could've done something else. They're perfect as it is and amazingly done on stage. I'm just thinking if the characters were real. How would they face their problems, provided if they had the freedom to choose for themselves?

As much as I love depressing and open-ended... endings, I still want to go back to the plots that act as guides on how to overcome challenges and show what the outcome will be. A musical with a happy ending is a ray of hope. It is telling me that in the end, everything will turn out to be well. With patience and the heart to excel, a happy ending is waiting at the end of the race.

P.S. I just listed the musicals that I've obsessed on (except for Bare which I included because I just finished watching it). There are more musicals for reference, but it'll take me forever to list down every plot and character.



>> Friday, April 17, 2009

Who gets the most fanmail?

Click for a bigger view


(Insert name of idol)
C/O American Idol
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Suite 251
Los Angeles, CA 90036

I wonder how much will it cost to send something to the States. Haha If you were to give something to the idols, what would it be?

Adam: I really don't know. Hair dye? Or eyeliner? Maybe a soundtrack of Spring Awakening. Or some bling.
Anoop: Definitely crossword puzzles.
Lil: Books for her kids.
Danny: a cool guitar stand
Kris: a baseball with a fan note written on it
Matt: something piano-related
Allison: A cute shirt that she can wear to the show or tour.


useless facts

>> Thursday, April 16, 2009

Name: Naomi Pitargue
Birthplace: Lying-in hospital in Manila. It's non-existent already.
Ancestry: Uhh. I dunno.
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Nicknames: Yumi. Yawmee. Mi. Sandra, Sam and Sophia call me "Teacher You and Me."

biggest fear: Rapists. :))
strength/weakness: I'm good at procrastinating. That's both a strength and a weakness. hahaha
worst habit: zoning out.
favorite holiday: New Year

Random Randomness
ever been in a car crash?: No.
have you ever had a crush on a teacher?: He wasn't my teacher, but yeah. And he was gay. =))
do you have any phobias?: Rocking chairs. Seriously.
what do you do as soon as you walk in the house?: kick off my shoes. haha
if you weren't straight, what kind of the same sex person would you do?: Adam lambert. He's gay, so if I'll turn gay, I'd do Lambert. =)) labo. But srsly, I won't do anybody just for the heck of it.

fall in love easily?: No.
like pickles?: No. I take em out in burgers.
prefer to know everything about your significant other or be?: He's entitled to his own secrets.
regularly surprise?: Do i regularly surprise what?
have any pet peeves/irritations?: I hate people who chew with their mouth open or don't put their utensils together after eating.

Color: white. blue. red. orange. light yellow.
gum: I rarely eat gum.
word: I have a lot eh.
flower: Tulips

back in the day
age at first kiss?: None yet. These lips are untouched. :))
When did you fall in love for the first time: none yet.
When was your first life defining moment: When I went to college. :))
Who Is Your Longest Friend & How Long: Sonshine peeps. I've known them since I was in grade school.

Let's Think Ahead
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Finish my damn worksheets.
Who are you going to ask out next: Chikai. =)) When we go watch 17 again.
Drinking: I'll still be drinking water. hahaa
What happens after graduation: Well this is in the past already. I got a job. :))

Recent past
What were you doing at midnight last night: Sleeping. I slept right after watching AI.
When was the last time you laughed hard: Over lunch today.
Who was the last person that told you they love you: Mom.
What was the first thing you thought when you woke up yesterday morning: I must go to work early for AI. hahhaha

Space Filler
Have you ever fired a gun: Gun for a video game, pwede na ba yon? Or a water gun?
Do you like sports: OH HELL YEAH.
Are you too shy to ask someone out: Asking someone out is for guys. heloooo.
Favorite Month: December
Who...?:Who are you anyway.
Where did you go for your first date and who was it with: Date. errrm. None.
Who's wedding were you in the first time you were a bridesmaid or a groomsmen: Haven't been a bridesmaid yet.
Who did you see in concert first: I can't remember. Let's just rephrase the question. The last concert I've watched is Michael Johns' concert.
Who was your favorite teacher: Sir Badong Bernal. Learned loads from him.
who is the first person you call when you have a bad day: None. I rant on my blog.
Who do you think about most: Lately it's AI and Wicked and Adam Lambert. =))


moods that take me and erase me

>> Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can I please do an Idol spoiler here? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?

I won't pimp all of the contestants here, because Multiply is the page for AI fandomness.

Ailen introduced me to the movie "Once" last year. It's about a struggling musician (Glen Hansard) who meets a flower seller (Markéta Irglová). Guy finds out that Girl is a piano player and they collaborate on making a demo cd.

While watching the online streaming this morning, I instantly flailed when they played Kris Allen's pre-performance video. The moment I heard the first note, I squealed in excitement. While the others sang mainstream movie songs, Kris chose Falling Slowly from Once. Falling Slowly wasn't made to become a mainstream song, nor created in hopes of making it to the top list on iTunes. It's a simple song to sing, but connecting with it is difficult. You have to be stripped down into nothingness to be able to understand Guy's character in the movie.

(But Falling Slowly won Best Original Song at the Oscars. :P YAY!)

Kris ditched the guitar. KRIS NAILED THE SONG.

Boo to Randy for hating it. PITCHY?!?! EXCUSEME, KRIS WAS AMAZING. I bet Randy didn't watch (or hasn't heard of) Once.

Here's what MJ had to say about Kris' performance:

"Falling Slowly" Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova - Once - Q says he captured the spirit of the competition the most. They go back and forth about playing an instrument, but Kris decides to sing without. Ok, this is a very sweet vocal. Oooh some really delicate, beautiful phrasing going on. I like the way he trails off his phrases. Absolutely lovely falsetto. This is a winner. He's hitting a perfect glory note. I am getting chills as I type this. THE BEST PERFORMANCE TONIGHT. More chills. WOW. Kris has got it going on. Randy didn't like it. He's a complete moron. He says it was pitchy. No, it was not. Kara says, "It was one of your best moments ever." Paula yips in her seat, knowing she can’t say anything. What is Randy smoking?

Can I just say one last thing?

LIL ROUNDS, GO HOME. I turned off my speakers when she started talking back to the judges, especially to Simon. That was rude Lil. Totally rude. Seriously, when I watch the replay tonight, I'm going to walk out. I don't want to hear her excuses anymore.


toss toss

>> Monday, April 13, 2009

The Wicked audio has been on loop since I got it a few weeks ago. The punch lines makes me go el-oh-el everytime, even if I've heard them a gazillion swankified times. I love hearing them again and again and again.

If there is such a thing as Last Line Syndrome, then this is mine for the whole day. I subconsciously say out the phrase when I want to spaz out or just to release some stress.



sound the bells

>> Sunday, April 12, 2009

Earlier today, in my hometown of Basel, surrounded by a small group of close friends and family, Mirka and I got married. It was a beautiful spring day and an incredibly joyous occasion.

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Federer wish all of you a Happy Easter weekend.


Dear Roger,

Thank you for FINALLY marrying Mirka. I have been looking forward to this news for a long time. Congratulations to you, to Mirka and your baby!


P.S. Please win a Grand Slam this year.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha Haaay Feddy bear.


pick-up line

>> Saturday, April 11, 2009

Itutuwid ko ang landas mo...

sakin ka lang dumiretso.

:| =))


nice hair :P

>> Thursday, April 09, 2009

Yes, we're coming to see you!!

Meme I stole from Chloe:

[ ] You own over 10 bottles of nail polish (I don't own any, but I want to paint my nails dark red))
[x] You own perfume that cost over $60 (note: it was given to me. haha)
[ ] You had/have fake nails
[ ] You have more than one hair product (I'm a wash and go kind of girl.)
[ ] You have enough clothes to cover an entire refugee camp.
[x] You have enough pictures to create your own wallpaper. (ehehe more than enough.)
Total: 2

Do you
[ ] Have/had a hair color that is not your natural color
[ ] Have blonde moments at least once a day (sobra naman yung once a day)
[x] Constantly keep your phone at your side
[x] Dance around in your room when nobody else is home
[ ] Refuse to go out in public without makeup
Total: 2

[ ] Makeup
[ ] Glitter
[x] The Color Pink
[x] Shopping
[ ] Jewelery
[ ] Mirrors
[x] Chick flicks
[x] Shoes
[x] Rainbows
[ ] Unicorns
[x] Disney Movies
[ ] Candles
[x] Flowers
[ ] Stuffed Animals
[ ] Purses
[x] Boots
[x] Starbucks
Total: 9

[x] Whatever.
[x] Oh my gosh/goodness/god
[ ] Hun/honey
[x] That's hot
[ ] Dunzo
[ ] Darling
[ ] Psh
[x] Cutie
[x] Hottie
[ ] Totally
[ ] Fer Shur
[ ] Fabulous
[x] hell
[x] like
[x] duh
Total: 8

Do You Read: (I don't subscribe to these)
[x] Cosmopolitan/Cosmo Girl
[ ] Cleo
[x] Marie Claire
[x] Elle
[ ] Vogue
[ ] Dolly
[ ] Girlfriend
[ ] Teen Vogue
[ ] Famous
[ ] New idea
[ ] NW
[ ] Madison
[ ] Who
[x] PerezHilton.com (I prefer justjared.com)
Total: 3

Have you Seen These:
[ ] Elizabethtown
[x] Mean Girls
[ ] Now & Then
[ ] The Notebook
[x] A Walk to Remember (Demn, I cried at this movie)
[ ] Sweet Home Alabama
[ ] Where the Heart is
[ ] Just my luck
[ ] John Tucker Must Die
[ ] Centerstage
[ ] Bring it On
[ ] How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
[x] Mona Lisa Smile
Total: 4

Are you/ have you been Addicted to
[ ] LOST
[x] America's Next Top Model (Just the first season)
[ ] Project Runway
[ ] Desperate Housewives
[ ] The Simple Life
[ ] Next pussycat doll
[ ] 8th & Ocean
[ ] Grey's Anatomy
[ ] The O.C.
[ ] Laguna Beach/The Hills
[ ] Nip/Tuck
[ ] Gilmore Girls
[ ] Veronica Mars
[ ] One tree hill
Total: 1



ants ants ants!

>> Monday, April 06, 2009

There are no holidays for ants, unlike me who had the day off to observe their busy nature.

I love taking photos of these huge red ants ("antiques," as Filipinos would call them). Its large size makes it easy for clear focus, even with a 18-55mm lens. There is no need for macro lens anymore, all I need is my lens kit, a good Photoshop program for cropping powers. The sunlight gave a very good source of lighting. I'm proud of this set.



This is my most favorite set of ant photos. Yes, I'm proud of them.

More at my flickr and my multiply.



>> Sunday, April 05, 2009

Chino: Check this out. It's only 3 minutes. But he's pure genius here.
yumi: is he serious. hahahahahahahaha
Chino: Have you seen it til the end? If yes then......I guess. He's eccentric that one
yumi: still watching
Chino: Watch til the end.
Iiba reaction mo

Tom Waits is full of win.


all these heroes come and go but the davids are coming to save the day

>> Saturday, April 04, 2009


VIP SEATS BABY!!!!! Chikai, Tia and I are officially going nuts over the tickets. I think it's a sweet deal because we are a few seats away from the Platinum section, which costs around PhP6000+.

Cook and Archuleta tickets are still on sale. You have to reserve/buy now because tickets are getting sold out.

TITANIUM: - As much as I would love to get front row seats, there is no way that I'm paying PhP12,000 for a ticket. I might consider if it's a Josh Groban concert. hahaha
PhP 12,425.00

PLATINUM: - We're on the same row as the Platinum ticket-holders. hahahaha
PhP 6,215.00

PhP 3,625.00

GOLD: - Free seating. You'll get to sit, but first come, first served.
PhP 2,075.00

SILVER: - No seats, you'll stand all throughout the concert. Boo you if the person in front of you is tall. ahah
PhP 625.00

BRONZE: - I wonder if you'll still be able to see the Davids on stage.
Php 315.00

More details here.



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