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try to leave the light on

>> Tuesday, March 10, 2009

... sorry. I had to make that David Cook reference. =))


Whoever hasn't experienced making shadow puppets is not a human. Every child has been fascinated with light, that a mere obstruction of light sparks his imagination. The obstruction that is seen on the wall is called a shadow. Shadows create silhouettes and the mind begins to work. The mind forms images out of the silhouettes and it makes something out of that blackness.

The easiest shadow is the bird. Raise your hand if you don't know how to make a bird shadow puppet. Then use your hand to do a face palm. SHAME ON YOU!!

I played around with shadows last Saturday. I repeat, shadow puppets can be done by anyone of any age. Hold up your two fingers in front of a light. The image that will be formed is a silhouette of a bunny. See it? See it? GOOD. You're making progress.

It was difficult to shoot shadow puppets because I had to multi-task. I used my left to do the shadow-puppetting, while I held the camera with my right. I relied on auto-focus because my hands were full. No more extra hand for manual focus. Besides, I was too lazy to get out my tripod. Hahaha

Guess what this is:


No it's not an elephant. Elephants don't have pointed ears. And this is an easy one and everyone knows how to do this. Come ooonnnnnn.

The second one, I had to photoshop. I wanted a spider, but of course I couldn't do the eight legs with only one hand. I can't mutate 4 more fingers just for a shadow puppet yah know. I took a photo of one hand, then just flipped the same photo and merged them together.

creepy crawlers

Come to think of it, it doesn't look like a spider anymore. It looks like an old man with 8 strands of hair protruding from his head. AHHAHAHAHAHA

The imagining is up to you.


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