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>> Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hello world.
It's 2:07 AM and I'm still awake.
I'm finishing a powerpoint presentation for tomorrow's meeting.
I actually did something at work, but my mind wasn't being creative.
It was crappy and I wasn't satisfied.
So when I went home, I redid the whole thing.
Actually, I'm still doing it.
I'm tired.
But I have to finish this.
I don't want to go to work tomorrow (later?) because I'm exhausted.
I have to go to work because I need to do another powerpoint.
I guess I can cram it on Wednesday?
We'll see.

This is not a poem.

It is 2:09 and I still have two slides to create.

Powerpoint + photoshop + OC-ness = Not good for me stressful health.


thea 3:44 PM  

aww i kinda miss making ppt presentations for school.. projects, reports, etc.. *sigh*

lol yeah cramming is good xD

Arli 3:34 PM  

Looking back at my previous years in high school, ang sunod sa pagrereport sa harap ng klase, ayaw ko rin ang paggawa ng powerpoint presentations. Haha!
Good luck with that ate yumi.

I laughed when I read the line this is not a poem. 8D

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