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picture me this: michael jackson week

>> Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh to be Alexis Grace.

My two most favorite contestants of this season.

Tia and I are such AI geeks. Last night while waiting for 6 pm (so we could go home and watch the replay of AI), we were talking about AI. This morning, she was the first one I talked to and we talked about... you guessed it right, AI.

The new rules are confusing. The judges have this power to save a contestant from being eliminated. But they have to use it wisely because it can only be used once. If they choose to save someone, the next week would be a double elimination.

I don't know how to do the cut thing here at blogspot, so beware. The following text ARE SPOILERS. Hey I warned you ok. :))

This week is a Michael Jackson Week. There were brilliant performances and some meh. Jasmine's elimination was predictable, because she strained her high notes. She struggled with the song and she tried to hide it with her pretty little face. Jorge's elimination was a so-so prediction. It wasn't a great performance, but it wasn't horrible. The judges didn't bat an eyelash when they announce that they wouldn't save him. :( I'm going to miss the Puerto Rican.

My vote for the best performances are: Adam, Danny, Michael (surprising!) Alexis and Megan.

Lil's performance was predictable. She's good, what's new?
Scott was not a solid performance. It was a good song choice, but some of his high notes were off key.
Allison was great, but she needs to prove herself that she can sing a ballad. She's good at rockin' out a song, but I need to see her in a mellow genre.
Anoop needs to redeem himself. I felt bad for him because he got murdered by the judges' comments. IT WASN'T THAT BAD! It was an ok performance with great energy and schmex appeal.
Kris reminds me of Gilles Simon. HAHAHA I think it's the jawline. He's so darn cute.
I liked Matt's song. I didn't know "Human Nature" was by Michael Jackson. HAHAHAHA

I wonder what the theme will be next week. I'm sure that they'll include a country week. The musical week isn't still sure, because it'll be another advantage for Adam Lambert and his theater background. We'll see.



thea 7:56 PM  

what's AI? lol sorry ignorant much. :D im not watching tv nowadays. stuck in front of my laptop. lol. but im kinda updated with america's best dance crew. lol. the michael jackson week seems interesting. lol. coz one of the abdc's season 1, (jabbawockeez) danced pyt! LOL.

yumi 9:55 AM  

hi thea! AI is american idol. Randy Jackson is a judge in that show. :D

I watch America's Best Dance Crew once in a while and I'm impressed with jabbawockeez! I love the masks. :D

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