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Math Art: A Galileo Splash of Numbers and Colors

>> Friday, March 20, 2009

Math Art: A Galileo Splash of Numbers and Colors is a summer enrichment workshop offered side-by-side with the Galileo Math Program. The workshop is for children ages 3 to 12 years old and has eight sessions that integrates math concepts and art expression. The workshop’s goal is to create an appreciation of Math through art expression. The workshop not only nurtures the kids’ love for learning, but also brings out their natural artistic talents.

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Enroll this summer at the Galileo Bel-Air Center!

Food Fractions
- Learn about fractions and explore the wide range of color mixtures made by combining fractional parts of different colors.

Caribbean Colors - Combine numeration and artistic skills by making summer themed artwork using the concept of coloring by numbers.

Shapes of Summer - Design kites and hot air balloons using a collage of colorful geometric shapes.

Zoorigami - Form your favorite zoo animal using the Origami technique of geometric folds and crease patterns.

Tropical Tessellations - Create tiling designs by tessellating objects that represents summer.

Treasure Measure - Learn about measurements and apply the concept in designing your very own Galileo Splash Shirt.

Sunny Slopes - Learn about lines and design decorative line art to make summer accessories.

Summer Symmetry - Learn about symmetry and make your own fiesta mask.

Come to the Galileo Bel-Air center and have the best summer learning experience!

Contact the Bel-Air center at 898.1234 and look for T. Adi.


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