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>> Saturday, March 28, 2009

Take me away Doulos and let me lie in books!

Going to Doulos once is never enough for me. I prepped myself to only spend 2 thousand on books when Doulos docked on Philippine shores. I was prepared to keep track of my purchases and told myself not to go overboard.

Kaboom! I didn't. I ended up borrowing money from my mother because every children's book that came into my line of vision went straight to my basket. Teehee. Grabby hands.

back again at m/v doulos

But wait, there's more! If you think I was contented with my first purchase, then you don't know me! After a few days, I badgered my parents to drive us back to the ship for a second round of book-buying. This time, Mom was armed with her credit card because I would be greatly disappointed again if I go beyond my planned expenses.

The second trip was more controlled, because I focused more on my Christmas shopping than my personal wants. Ohhh, early for Christmas? Yes of course, I don't want to cram my Christmas shopping by the end of the year. It means my 13th month pay can be placed to my camera fund. WOOOHOOOO. Aha, aha, I has money-savin' skeeelz yah know.

Imagine this:
A hard-bound book, unabridged version of Peter Pan, complete with illustrations. Guess how much? If you'll imagine it in the shelves of Fully Booked or Power Books, it would be priced at around 1,800. Right, right? I only got the book for PhP 300.

YOUDONBELIBIT? Here's another: The complete works of Lewis Caroll (author of Alice in Wonderland) and complete works of William Shakespeare. One storybook costs around... let's say PhP 295 for a paperback cover. I got the complete works from each other for only PhP 400. 400 for Shakespeare, 400 for Caroll.

Homaygas, you're still shaking your head?

Ah. Hardbound, full color, and oh-so-cuddly-cute illustrations plus new stories of Disney Pixar characters. Disney came up with bedtime stories for kids, and compiled the all-time loved characters from their cartoon collection. Guess how much. PhP 2,500 because it's Disney and the paper is glossy. WROOOONNNGGG! I bought the book for PhP 500.

That's just three of I-don't-know-how-many books. Now I need to save up and pay my mother when her credit card bill arrives. I still owe her 600 pesos in cash for the first trip.

The bonus part of the ship are the young and cute volunteers. Hahaha, they weren't much cute volunteers when they docked here two years ago. Too much eyecandy. I had one-day crushes on three namely-- Ooops, too much information.

If you haven't visited Doulos, you still have till Monday (March 30) to splurge on books. Nothing beats the quality and the cheap prices of Doulos. It feels good to buy books, because you know that the money they get is being put to good use. They visit countries and donate books to children who cannot afford. Buy buying cheap books, you also donate part of your payment to the literary future of the next generation.

I love you Doulos.


Ashen 9:49 PM  

i never got to visit it, not even once and now i'm hating myself for that. you're so damn luckyyyy. xD

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