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come together eventually

>> Sunday, March 22, 2009

Archie singing To Be With You at his Idaho concert. I love this version with the violin accompaniment. I think he's doing the keyboards for this song. OH DAVID.

One annoying thing: random screams from the audience. It's supposed to be a very emotional song, but some flailing scream-o fan girls squeals in their undying love "I LOVE YOU DAVIIIIDDD!!" in the middle of the song. I know how much you love the Archuleta, but can you hold off the cheers until he finishes the song? It's ruining the moment.

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE DAVIDS TO COME TO THE PHILIPPINES. I promise I won't scream my head off in the middle of slow songs. I MAY sing along.


Arli 3:35 PM  

I can't wait for that day too when they go here in Pinas! Siguro nasa Manila na ako non since college na. Haha might see you there!

yumi 4:14 PM  

we must! yeeee! davids!

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