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>> Monday, February 23, 2009

I feel so lethargic today. I wasn't in my best mood while teaching (the students weren't too). The brother of my student created a ruckus by throwing a tantrum (not our fault. He was in a bad mood because he forgot to bring his gameboy. Jeez.) I've been staring at the article that I'm supposed to finish by today, but all I get are fragmented sentences that aren't coherent. Meh.

On a good note, the Oscars was the bomb. I love Hugh Jackman. However, the performance with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens was unnecessary. Hugh could've done it by himself. Wait, I'd allow Beyonce too. She's great and I love her. Slumdog Millionaire raked in 8 awards. Japan won an award for short animation. ASIANS RULE.

Anyway, I'm enjoying my new lens. I can stay far from the subject, get a great close up shot, and have a smooth bokeh. I can wait for some genius to invent a 50mm lens that can autofocus on my D40. Well, I can do without the autofocus, but I get lazy sometimes to deal with the manual. Haha

twisted greens
1/13 - f/5.6 - 200mm - ISO 1600

However, this hobby is too expensive. After buying a lens, you will want to buy more. I've added a lot on my my to-buy list:

1. A gorilla pod - less bulky and easier to bring than a tripod. I already have a tripod, but it takes time to set it up.
2. A speedlight - I want a SB 600. This is quite expensive. It costs around 10k, but it's great for starters. The 600 has a rotatable light, which means I can diffuse the light indirectly to the subject, giving it a natural glow. Great!
3. A new camera bag - I'm still selling my Lowepro bag. I want a Crumpler, which is also expensive. Tamrac is too obvious as a camera bag. Crumpler makes it look like a messenger bag. Cool.
4. A waterproof case - If I have that, I can now bring it to the beach or back to Taytay falls, without worrying about it getting wet.
5. A Nikon lens cleaning brush - I shouldn't want this, because I already have a camera air brush. But it looks so nifty and it's a Nikon. HAAHAHA This is cheap, it only costs around PhP 500.

It's a very twisted expense list. I'll get there, one expensive accessory to another.

I love my bullhorn.


roni 8:41 AM  

asians rule indeed :)

Arli 9:02 PM  

Hugh Jackman! Hurrah for Wolverine.
Haha at tama na expensive nga yung pagiging inclined sa pagtake ng photos. XD

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