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my morning valentine

>> Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Hi yumi! Happy valentines!"

It was the first valentine greeting I got for the day. It was really sweet, especially coming from a person who I haven't seen for more than 3 years. I never broke the ties with the family ever since I stayed with them for three days and two nights. Every now and then, we exchange text messages, updating each other on what is happening with our lives.

I always feel loved when I receive text messages from my foster family.

In most Theology classes at Ateneo, going to an immersion is mandatory. Each student is required to spend three days with a family. Some got the fisherfolk, some stayed with the farmers, while I stayed with the sardine pack in San Jose Del Monte. I secretly wanted the fisherfolk, because that meant going swimming and not thinking about bathrooms. But staying with my family in SJDM became a blessing.

The experience was difficult, especially when the weather didn't cooperate that much during my stay. It was the first time that I've slept on a triple decker. I've always wanted to have a double decker, but that immersion gave me an extra thrill by sleeping on the third level. The only thing that was uncomfortable was that I couldn't sit properly on my bed. When lying down, I was a few inches away from the roof. So imagine the sound when it rained hard on the first night. I could hear every heavy drop crashing on the roof.

I enjoyed the days more than the nights. I enjoyed the nights too, because we all cramped in a small space while watching tv while eating. The sleeping was the challenging one for me. The day became tour days, because my foster sister, Ate Odina, toured me around the place. We teamed up with another foster family -- where my groupmate Joanna stayed -- and walked without direction. We visited a wallet factory and tried to make a leather wallet (I still have my finished product at home). We went house hopping, saw our guy classmates having a drinking session with their foster fathers (TSK. hahaha), crossed hanging bridges and waded through mud. Hahaha It was supposed to be a road but because it rained the night before, the soil became mud. To save my slippers from getting stuck, I went barefoot and enjoyed the mud squirting in between my toes.

All the great experiences come rushing whenever I receive a text message from my foster family. That simple, "Kamusta ka na, Yumi," gives me assurance that they haven't forgotten me. I promise myself that one day, I'll treat them for lunch or something. I miss their company and their laughter.

While others are spending their Valentine's day with their significant other (or for the single people, celebrating "Single Awareness Day"), I'll be spending hearts' day via text, as my foster mother is celebrating her birthday today.

So, happy birthday Nanay Lisa!


Arli 12:24 PM  

Aww that's such a touching entry. It's overwhelming that even though you've only spent a few days and nights with your foster family, they still remember you by everyday. Ahh the bonds of love and family. :)
happy valentine's day ate yumi!

yumi 12:37 PM  

yeah. :) they took good care of me when I was a guest at their home. :D

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