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>> Friday, February 27, 2009

To our valued customers:

For your safety, please do not step on the yellow platform edge.

Para po sa inyong kaligtasan, iwasan pong tumapak sa dilaw na tiles.

Maraming Salamat po.

To those who ride the MRT almost every day, that reminder from the loudspeaker is often unheeded, especially during rush hours. Trains are always full and crampy. People want to get in. People want to reach their destination right away.

Think and listen again. There is a reason for that reminder.

This morning, it was supposed to be a normal day for me. I'd slip my card through the turnstile, walk to the ladies' area, wait for the train, ride the train and stand all the way to Buendia.

The platform was full, but there was still enough space for people to pass by.

Then I saw it happen. An old man fell face forward on to the tracks.


There were loud screams, from men and women alike. They held their hands up, in fear that the southbound train would arrive and run over the old man. Everyone shouted for help. I was so freaked out that I didn't anymore see who jumped into the tracks to help the old man out.

They said there was blood. If he fell face forward, most probably he hit his head on the metal tracks. They said he was unconscious. They said he was given first aid. They said he should've been rushed to the hospital. They said he was pushed (accidentally). They said he tripped.

All I know is, I saw him fall. Face forward.

You can't just blame MRT for the accident. If people weren't hard headed and stayed away from the yellow tiles, then there would still be room for the old man to catch his step IF he did trip.

The security guard cannot control the number of people on the platform. There is only one guard, and his primary role is to monitor the segregation of people. His megaphone doesn't do any good sometimes. Even if he shouts the sentence, "Usog po kayo! Wag po kayong tumapak sa dilaw na tiles!" a million times, people would still want to stay at the front, near the edge.

Thank God nothing worse happened. What if there was a skipping train and it just zoomed through the Quezon Avenue station? What if the man fell when the train was approaching? In the midst of this horrible accident, there was still something to be thankful for.

It was a lesson learned for ALL passengers of the QAve station. People smartened up. They stayed a foot away from the yellow tiles. Not just the edge, but from the tiles. No pushing. No catfights. No complains. For the first time in my three years of riding the MRT, the people followed one of the greatest rules of MRT: STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THE YELLOW TILES.

I pray and hope that the old man is ok and his injuries were only minor.


Arli 5:58 PM  

Whoa sometimes ignorance can kill.
Good thing na wala ngang tren nung panahon na iyon or else everything would have gone worse.

yumi 7:36 AM  

it all boils down to one word: discipline.

If they just followed the rules! tsk tsk

but yeah, buti nalang walang tren. *shudder*

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