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>> Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I promised myself that before I go exploring different countries, I should be able to tour my own country. Most people are fed up with the Manila stress and think that the best option to escape this stress is to go to other countries.

We were shown a video of Palawan last Sunday at Church and I realized that the Philippines is such a rich country. We take it for granted. We abuse it. This is a country where you can plant a flower in your own backyard. We have running water, we have fruit bearing trees. We are blessed with nature and we do not use it to our advantage. Dubai has nothing but sand, yet they are able to create something out of that pathetic desert.

The Philippines is beautiful and I will never ever leave the country. I may leave Manila and retire in the province. I want to be with nature. It makes me feel closer to God. Technology is nice, but people idolize it too much. Nature amazes you and it reminds you how great God is. People may think they're geniuses by creating gadgets to help themselves. But God is more practical and the highest genius, that he created nature. Nature doesn't go out of style and it will benefit humankind for millions of generations.

The 7107 is a microblog that aims to capture 7000+ reasons why the Philippines is worth believing in. I don't know how long it'll take me to reach 7000+ photos. It's my goal. I should find 7101 (or more) reasons to convince people not to seek greener pastures in other countries. The gold is here. We just have to believe in it.

(Roni gave me good reason to choose tumblr. It's easy to upload photos and do quick and short blogs. I can also subscribe to Josh's tumblr. HAHA)

Visit: http://7107.tumblr.com/


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