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>> Friday, February 27, 2009

To our valued customers:

For your safety, please do not step on the yellow platform edge.

Para po sa inyong kaligtasan, iwasan pong tumapak sa dilaw na tiles.

Maraming Salamat po.

To those who ride the MRT almost every day, that reminder from the loudspeaker is often unheeded, especially during rush hours. Trains are always full and crampy. People want to get in. People want to reach their destination right away.

Think and listen again. There is a reason for that reminder.

This morning, it was supposed to be a normal day for me. I'd slip my card through the turnstile, walk to the ladies' area, wait for the train, ride the train and stand all the way to Buendia.

The platform was full, but there was still enough space for people to pass by.

Then I saw it happen. An old man fell face forward on to the tracks.


There were loud screams, from men and women alike. They held their hands up, in fear that the southbound train would arrive and run over the old man. Everyone shouted for help. I was so freaked out that I didn't anymore see who jumped into the tracks to help the old man out.

They said there was blood. If he fell face forward, most probably he hit his head on the metal tracks. They said he was unconscious. They said he was given first aid. They said he should've been rushed to the hospital. They said he was pushed (accidentally). They said he tripped.

All I know is, I saw him fall. Face forward.

You can't just blame MRT for the accident. If people weren't hard headed and stayed away from the yellow tiles, then there would still be room for the old man to catch his step IF he did trip.

The security guard cannot control the number of people on the platform. There is only one guard, and his primary role is to monitor the segregation of people. His megaphone doesn't do any good sometimes. Even if he shouts the sentence, "Usog po kayo! Wag po kayong tumapak sa dilaw na tiles!" a million times, people would still want to stay at the front, near the edge.

Thank God nothing worse happened. What if there was a skipping train and it just zoomed through the Quezon Avenue station? What if the man fell when the train was approaching? In the midst of this horrible accident, there was still something to be thankful for.

It was a lesson learned for ALL passengers of the QAve station. People smartened up. They stayed a foot away from the yellow tiles. Not just the edge, but from the tiles. No pushing. No catfights. No complains. For the first time in my three years of riding the MRT, the people followed one of the greatest rules of MRT: STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THE YELLOW TILES.

I pray and hope that the old man is ok and his injuries were only minor.



>> Monday, February 23, 2009

I feel so lethargic today. I wasn't in my best mood while teaching (the students weren't too). The brother of my student created a ruckus by throwing a tantrum (not our fault. He was in a bad mood because he forgot to bring his gameboy. Jeez.) I've been staring at the article that I'm supposed to finish by today, but all I get are fragmented sentences that aren't coherent. Meh.

On a good note, the Oscars was the bomb. I love Hugh Jackman. However, the performance with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens was unnecessary. Hugh could've done it by himself. Wait, I'd allow Beyonce too. She's great and I love her. Slumdog Millionaire raked in 8 awards. Japan won an award for short animation. ASIANS RULE.

Anyway, I'm enjoying my new lens. I can stay far from the subject, get a great close up shot, and have a smooth bokeh. I can wait for some genius to invent a 50mm lens that can autofocus on my D40. Well, I can do without the autofocus, but I get lazy sometimes to deal with the manual. Haha

twisted greens
1/13 - f/5.6 - 200mm - ISO 1600

However, this hobby is too expensive. After buying a lens, you will want to buy more. I've added a lot on my my to-buy list:

1. A gorilla pod - less bulky and easier to bring than a tripod. I already have a tripod, but it takes time to set it up.
2. A speedlight - I want a SB 600. This is quite expensive. It costs around 10k, but it's great for starters. The 600 has a rotatable light, which means I can diffuse the light indirectly to the subject, giving it a natural glow. Great!
3. A new camera bag - I'm still selling my Lowepro bag. I want a Crumpler, which is also expensive. Tamrac is too obvious as a camera bag. Crumpler makes it look like a messenger bag. Cool.
4. A waterproof case - If I have that, I can now bring it to the beach or back to Taytay falls, without worrying about it getting wet.
5. A Nikon lens cleaning brush - I shouldn't want this, because I already have a camera air brush. But it looks so nifty and it's a Nikon. HAAHAHA This is cheap, it only costs around PhP 500.

It's a very twisted expense list. I'll get there, one expensive accessory to another.

I love my bullhorn.



>> Saturday, February 21, 2009

I always have to be reminded of this:

Ad Majorem Dei Glroriam
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Ateneans, pop quiz. What does this phrase mean?

When I was in college, I used to write this on every paper, project and quiz submitted. It's not just some phrase that tells that you're a student from the Ateneo. It's a daily reminder and a statement that everything that I do should be for God's greater glory. A statement that God lent me these gifts and I should not waste them. My life is a reflection of my relationship with God and school is a tool to show that relationship. I admit that there were times in college that I didn't give my all, or that I just lost hope in working hard for my subjects. But then, I am reminded that God didn't waste his time for me, so I shouldn't waste my time on Him.

Seeing the sign at the Ateneo Professional Schools this day brought me back to the meaning of this Latin phrase. I'm now in my working years, the real test of the skills I've learned in college. I began to reflect. Am I doing the best? Am I sacrificing myself enough for my work? When I work, do I think of myself or do I think of the people I give my service to? Do I dwell in mediocrity or excellence? Am I making my Creator proud?

I'm glad that I entered Ateneo and was introduced to the phrase, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam -- For the Greater Glory of God. Meeting with the phrase again after three years made me be critical of myself. I will definitely take this phrase when I return to work on Monday. 2009 is the year to be productive. I will not complain with deadlines overlap each other. I should be thankful for stress because it means that I have work and I am getting paid.

To end, I will leave you with something from Feddy Bear, whose quote perfectly suits the previous paragraph:

When under pressure, I see things very clearly.

-Roger Federer


selling: Lowepro camera bag (Cirrus 110)

>> Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm selling my Lowepro Camera Bag. (http://products.lowepro.com/product/Cirrus-100,2088,20.htm)

It can fit regular-sized DSLRs and compact video cameras.
I bought it at PhP 1,800 and I'm selling it for PhP 1,200.

It's still in very good condition, and I've had it for less than a year.

Reason for selling: buying a bigger bag to fit huge lens.

If you're interested, leave a comment, text me, or ym me. :D wheeeeeeeee! upgrade upgrade!


Pimp mah Nikon

>> Thursday, February 19, 2009

PIMP MAH NEEKON YO! My Nikon got a new bleeng bleeng!

I love you, Quiapo.

It looks like a bullhorn. hahahahaha

Now I can take photos of the moon. 55-200mm FTW!

First order of the day as soon as I got home: Test the bullhorn!




facebook and myspace meet for the first time

>> Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I don't have Facebook. I don't have MySpace (well, I do, but I don't update it. I didn't even use my own name for my profile). But this is hilarious. I nicked this off someone's LJ, who got it from Collegehumor.com. Being the theater-lovin' person, I can totally imagine this being staged.

Facebook: Hey.
MySpace: Sup.
Facebook: So’s it going?
MySpace: It’s going great, actually. How are things with you?
Facebook: Not bad. Not bad at all.
MySpace: I mean, you had a pretty good idea to start with.
Facebook: Now what is THAT supposed to mean.
MySpace: You and I both know that you based Facebook on MySpace.
Facebook: WHAT!? That’s ridiculous. I don’t see your users poking each other!
MySpace: That’s because my users aren’t GAY.
Facebook: No no, it’s not like that, it’s like a poke on the shoulder. Or something.
MySpace: Oh, okay.GAY.
Facebook: Well it’s not as gay as Tom.
MySpace: You take that back.
Facebook: I will not.
MySpace: You take that back RIGHT. NOW.
Facebook: (singing) Tom is gay, Tom is gay.
MySpace: Yeah well at least he’s not looking for “whatever he can get.”
Facebook: We added that option as a JOKE.
MySpace: Oh, sure you did. Just like you added Live Feed to “keep people up to date.”
Facebook: Don’ even start with Live Feed. We asked our users what they wanted!
MySpace: Oh yeah, nice open letter, you homo.
MySpace: Lame.
Facebook: You’re just jealous because your users are all old and creepy now.
MySpace: If by old and creepy you mean famous musicians, then yes, yes they are.
Facebook: That is NOT what I meant, I meant what I said.
MySpace: Watch it, Facebook. Don’t make me call my Top 8.
Facebook: Oh, I’m so scared. Well YOU don’t make me call my…my…
MySpace: Your what? Your “Friends We Have In Common”?
Facebook: Shut up, that’s a very helpful feature! Better than “Who I’d Like To Meet”!
MySpace: Yeah, well you FREE IPOD CLICK HERE TO WIN
Facebook: What the hell was that?!
MySpace: Oh nothing, don’t worry about that, I have a tic and sometimes-
Facebook: That was a pop-up, wasn’t it??
MySpace: I HAVE A TIC!!!
Facebook: Hahaha you have pop-ups and you can’t control them!
MySpace: I can to! I can stop them whenever I want!
Facebook: Whatever you say, sell-out.
MySpace: Oh I’m sorry, what? I can’t hear you over the sound of my money.
[Silence. A door opens]
Friendster: Oh, hey guys!! What’s going on??
MySpace/Facebook: Fag.


float back here!

>> Monday, February 16, 2009

When I heard the news that Doulos is on Philippine shores, I was OVERJOYED. I love this boat and buying books in a floating bookstore is the coolest thing ever.

I'm allotting part of my salary to go book crazy.

March 6-31, 2009
Pier 13, Manila

Let's relieve my Doulos insanity last year.

Just the mere sight of it gives me the tingling feeling of excitement.

This is just half of the books I purchased last year.

I still dream of being part of the team for at least 6 months. I bet it'll be one heck of an adventure. Serving others is the most fulfilling task, especially when you get paid in big smiles and appreciation.

See you there people!


my morning valentine

>> Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Hi yumi! Happy valentines!"

It was the first valentine greeting I got for the day. It was really sweet, especially coming from a person who I haven't seen for more than 3 years. I never broke the ties with the family ever since I stayed with them for three days and two nights. Every now and then, we exchange text messages, updating each other on what is happening with our lives.

I always feel loved when I receive text messages from my foster family.

In most Theology classes at Ateneo, going to an immersion is mandatory. Each student is required to spend three days with a family. Some got the fisherfolk, some stayed with the farmers, while I stayed with the sardine pack in San Jose Del Monte. I secretly wanted the fisherfolk, because that meant going swimming and not thinking about bathrooms. But staying with my family in SJDM became a blessing.

The experience was difficult, especially when the weather didn't cooperate that much during my stay. It was the first time that I've slept on a triple decker. I've always wanted to have a double decker, but that immersion gave me an extra thrill by sleeping on the third level. The only thing that was uncomfortable was that I couldn't sit properly on my bed. When lying down, I was a few inches away from the roof. So imagine the sound when it rained hard on the first night. I could hear every heavy drop crashing on the roof.

I enjoyed the days more than the nights. I enjoyed the nights too, because we all cramped in a small space while watching tv while eating. The sleeping was the challenging one for me. The day became tour days, because my foster sister, Ate Odina, toured me around the place. We teamed up with another foster family -- where my groupmate Joanna stayed -- and walked without direction. We visited a wallet factory and tried to make a leather wallet (I still have my finished product at home). We went house hopping, saw our guy classmates having a drinking session with their foster fathers (TSK. hahaha), crossed hanging bridges and waded through mud. Hahaha It was supposed to be a road but because it rained the night before, the soil became mud. To save my slippers from getting stuck, I went barefoot and enjoyed the mud squirting in between my toes.

All the great experiences come rushing whenever I receive a text message from my foster family. That simple, "Kamusta ka na, Yumi," gives me assurance that they haven't forgotten me. I promise myself that one day, I'll treat them for lunch or something. I miss their company and their laughter.

While others are spending their Valentine's day with their significant other (or for the single people, celebrating "Single Awareness Day"), I'll be spending hearts' day via text, as my foster mother is celebrating her birthday today.

So, happy birthday Nanay Lisa!



>> Friday, February 13, 2009


February 12, 2009
1/125 - f/5.6 - 55 mm - ISO 400


champions in life

>> Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I can't wait to see this on television. This a great commercial to inspire the young generation to engage in sports. We've been mesmerized by the entertainment industry that we forget other means of finding your dream. Sports will not make you into an overnight sensation. Sports is a great reflection of hardwork, patience and excellence. The great athletes are those who can balance sports and school. Being an athlete does not mean being a champion in your sport, but also in life. Sports should reflect how you live your life and how you treat activities outside your sport.

The future is hopeful. We can still build a generation of athletes, athletes who will soon rake in Olympic gold medals. Go Philippines!

Job opening: communications manager for AAA (Ateneo Alumni Association, Inc.)

The Ateneo Alumni Association, Inc. (AAA), the official organization for alumni and alumnae of the Ateneo de Manila University, is looking for a Communications Manager.

As Communications Manager, you will be tasked with all the publicity and marketing efforts of the AAA, as well as editorial control of the AAA's Website.

- Ateneo alumnus, from grade school, high school or Loyola Schools
- Male or Female, age 20 and up
- must have at least 1 year working experience
- skilled in communicating in English and Tagalog, both written and oral
- fastidious with details
- self-motivated and can work with minimal supervision
- skills in graphic design, writing and project marketing and publicity are a plus

All applicants must send a resume, and be ready for an interview. For any questions, please contact Carol Ramos at 0928-5212283.


brown racket

>> Sunday, February 08, 2009

I thought I will never live to see the day that a Filipino would be a top seeder in tennis.

This kid is on his way to tennis greatness. Francis Casey Alcantara is a junior tennis player who won the doubles championship at the recently concluded Australian Open. In the whole doubles tournament, Francis, along with his partner Cheng-Peng Hsieh of Taipei, won all sets. Not one set did they lose to their opponents.

Photo by Getty Images

Francis also joined the Junior Boys tourney, but he lost at the first round. According to his interview on tv, he said that the loss was a blessing in disguise because he was able to focus more on his doubles matches. That's the attitude kiddo, good job!

It's so nice to see a number beside his name in the draws. He's ranked 10th at the singles draw, while 7th at the doubles. Don't you feel proud to see the letters "PHI" and the Philippine flag? I do.

I hope he continues his tennis journey. I hope to see him in the men's draws in the future. I'm willing to give up my fandom for Federer and Nadal if he works his way to the top rank. :)

He has a photo with Raffy BB. Ay I wants photo with Rafa tooooooooooooo.


1st ever meme of 2009

1. minsan ba naisip mo na abnormal ka?
- Yes. Feeling ko may ADHD ako =))

2. ?
- !!!! hahahahha

3. ilang buwan pa bago birthday mo?
- 5 months. homaygas. mag tu-twenty three na ako.

4. sumuka ka na ba sa sobrang hilo?
- yeah. migraine succkkks.

5. ano pinapakinggan mo ngayon?
- nothang.

6. namamato ka ba ng bata?
- oi di ah.

7. is your landline listed in the telephone directory?
- yuh. go stalk me.

8. kelan ka huling tumawa?
- kaninang hapon.

9. marunong ka ba gumawa ng bankang papel?
- oo naman.

22. who do you text often?
- si Martha o si Chikai. Lalo na pag Ai days.

23. what did you want to be when you were young?
- A doctor. Naalala ko pa yon nung nag graduation nung prep. "My name is blahblah and when I grow up I want to become a doctor." CHOS.

24. masakit bang masuntok?
- oo. dah. Lalo na pag si edlyn yung nanuntok. =))

25. how many languages can you speak?
- 2.

26. are you hungry?
- yes.

27. nakasakay ka na ba ng kalabaw?
- OO!! fun experience! kaso masakit sa pwet kasi tulis nung spinal cord ng kalabaw eh.

28. why do you answer survey like this?
- bored?

29. nayakap mo na ba crush mo before?
- swerte ko. OO. ahahahaha

30. last food you ordered at Mcdo
- chicken.

31. naglalaro ka ba ng apoy?
- oo. tas naglulutu-lutuan ako. =))

32. the last person who texted u?
- Si helga. Valentine's lunch daw.

33. masaya ka ba sa buhay mo ngayon?
- oo.

34. makalat ba sa kwarto mo?
- hindi. naks.

35. sinong namamalantsa ng uniform mo?
- Nung high school, si nanay. nung college, wala akong uniform. Ngayong nagttrabaho ako, di rin pinaplantsa yung Galileo shirt ko. :)) Di uso ang plantsa dito. =))

36. nakipag.away ka na ba sa kuya mo?
- wa akong kapatid na lalaki.

37. madali ka bang maimpluwensyahan ng iba?
- minsan.

38. my ate ka ba? kung wala, gusto mo bang magkaron?
- wa. gusto ko kuya.

39. cute ka ba?
- cute height ko. =))

40. sawang-sawa ka naba sa buhay mo?
- di ah.

41. favorite sahog sa halo2x?
- macapuno

42. alam mo ba ung ariel and maverick?
- oo! pero di ko na sila type nung lumipat na sila ng 7. naging masyadong mainstream.

43. takot ka ba sa ipis? bakit?
- pag lumilipad, oo. eh kadiri sila eh, kung dumapo sakin yon. :))

44. matapang kaba talaga?
- not all the time.

45. nagseself-pity kaba?
- as a joke, oo.

46. ilan ba ang buwan sa pluto?
- ummm. ewan.

47.. mabilis ka bang makalimot?
- oo. lalo na pagdating sa pangalan.

48. anong style mo pag nag mememorize ka?
- nasa lib. dapat classical music lang. babasahin ko, tapos uulit-ulitin ko.

49. may kilala ka bang lalaking mahilig sa hello kitty?
- wala.

50. bading ba siya?
- wala nga eh.

51. ano kadalasang pinagmumulan ng away niyo ng utol mo?
- wala akong utol kaya walang away.

52. malakas ka ba?
- malakas kumain, oo. :))

53. gusto mo bang tumalino?
- oo naman. kasing talino ni kyle xy.

54. sasama ka ba sa kin?
- sino ka ba?

55. natatakot ka ba sa manyakis?
- Oo. pero sipain mo lang siya sa land down under niya, tiklop yan.

56. sino ang pangunahing tauhan sa noli me tangere?
- si ibarra.

57. san kayo huling kumain ng mga kaibigan mo?
- sa old spag house. nung isang sabado.


be polariod!

>> Thursday, February 05, 2009

Vittorio showed me this website that turns pictures into polariod quality. I mentioned in my other blog that I've always wanted a polariod camera because of its "develop now" feature. The texture of the photos comes out interesting. VERY interesting.

The Polariod Project is soooo cool. The downloadable program is easy to use. All you have to do is to drag and drop the photos you want to polariodize.

No need for photoshop or excessive editing. The program does it for you. HOW COOL IS THAT.

Since Polariod cameras are phased out and bidding for units is so high, this program is a great alternative for polariod fans. You can have them printed on photo or matte paper, complete with the blank white space below the photo.

Here are some of the photos that went through the polariod process:

My godchild, Cielo Vidanes.


Cerz, photo by Jihan (ihanzki.multiply.com)

Geopet, photo by Jihan (ihanzki.multiply.com)

Miyo, photo by Jace (jslphotos.multiply.com)

The fun part about the program is that it goes through the process of a real polariod film. It makes this funny noise after you click the shutter, then you have to wait for the photo to appear. Shaking the picture will make the developing faster. Hahahaha So amusing.



>> Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I promised myself that before I go exploring different countries, I should be able to tour my own country. Most people are fed up with the Manila stress and think that the best option to escape this stress is to go to other countries.

We were shown a video of Palawan last Sunday at Church and I realized that the Philippines is such a rich country. We take it for granted. We abuse it. This is a country where you can plant a flower in your own backyard. We have running water, we have fruit bearing trees. We are blessed with nature and we do not use it to our advantage. Dubai has nothing but sand, yet they are able to create something out of that pathetic desert.

The Philippines is beautiful and I will never ever leave the country. I may leave Manila and retire in the province. I want to be with nature. It makes me feel closer to God. Technology is nice, but people idolize it too much. Nature amazes you and it reminds you how great God is. People may think they're geniuses by creating gadgets to help themselves. But God is more practical and the highest genius, that he created nature. Nature doesn't go out of style and it will benefit humankind for millions of generations.

The 7107 is a microblog that aims to capture 7000+ reasons why the Philippines is worth believing in. I don't know how long it'll take me to reach 7000+ photos. It's my goal. I should find 7101 (or more) reasons to convince people not to seek greener pastures in other countries. The gold is here. We just have to believe in it.

(Roni gave me good reason to choose tumblr. It's easy to upload photos and do quick and short blogs. I can also subscribe to Josh's tumblr. HAHA)

Visit: http://7107.tumblr.com/



>> Monday, February 02, 2009

1. Epic match from Federer and Nadal. Awwwww, Roger cried during his speech. Don't worry, you still have Roland Garros, US Open and Wimbledon for the taking. You said you're not stopping at 13 and this is the year to match Sampras' record.

Photo by Getty Images

7-5, 3-6, 7-6, 3-6, 6-2. Five sets. Four hours. Two great players.

2. Had a photoshoot yesterday at La Mesa Eco Park. The place is very nice. And I recommend it to those who want to go nature tripping and do not want to travel far. The one thing that made me give the place a two thumbs up is the restroom. IT'S VERY CLEAN. I swear it doesn't stink at all. And the people are disciplined, they clean their trash as they go.

The shoot was fun, but I was conscious 80% of the time. Good thing I had Ralph and Miyo to join me in the frames. People who passed by our 2nd venue really stopped to watch. They stood there and stared at us.

Jihan's photos: 1 | 2 | 3
Jace's photos: 1 | 2
Photos from my cam taken by Cerz: locked for contacts. ahahaha I'm corny that way.


Row, row, row your boat!

I loff my fake eyelashes.


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