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>> Wednesday, January 14, 2009

American Idol

The American Idol craze starts today. Every episode is a two-our special, featuring the interesting and the not-so-interesting people auditioning for the show. I've seen a couple of those who have the talent for singing, but I haven't seen a contestant with the star quality.

I'm liking the new judge, Kara DioGuardi. She's like a mix of Simon and Paula. She's less harsh than Simon. The way she says her comments come out as constructive criticisms, not outright bashing. I do love Simon's bluntness and frankness with his comments, but sometimes he goes overboard. :P I can't wait to her her comments when they reach the top 24.

Tomorrow, they'll be visiting Cookie's hometown, Kansas, for the auditions. I do hope they insert Cookie clips. I still miss season 7.

Spring Awakening

I'm still not over this musical. This is my rock musical for 2009. I've seen this five times and I am always awed with the set, the lights, the brilliance of the actors and the heaviness of the plot. Spring Awakening is about a group of teenagers who are in the stage of exploring their bodies and their feelings towards the opposite sex. You'd think that it's a typical teenager story, but it is always in the script and the execution that makes it exceptional.

I love all songs. The soundtrack has been on loop since the 2009 started. One of the songs, "Left Behind," always strikes me. Melchior, the lead character, is talking to the Moritz's dad. Moritz committed suicide because he could not keep up with the pressures of school and his family. Moritz was failing in his studies and his father did not offer any help or support to help him cope with school. He let go of his childhood playmate when he was wallowing in his failures. All hope was gone for him and the only way he thought of was to kill himself.

"Left Behind" was sung at Moritz's funeral. It's a speech for the dad, that it's too late to regret any support or love he could've shown his son.

The video is taken at Kyle Riabco's gig. Kyle played Melchior at the tour cast. This video didn't show the little speech he gave before singing.

Kyle: Have you guys seen Spring Awakening?
(Audience cheers)
Kyle: Ah, so you all have seen my ass.

Melchior does a little ass-peek-a-boo in the play, when he makes love to Wendla. Yes, on stage. For, like, five minutes.

Anyway, that's not the point of the post. Let's get back to the song. Parents should understand that being a teenager is not easy. Blaming or threatening them over mistakes is never the solution to make them good citizens of society.

You fold his hands, and smooth his tie
You gently lift his chin –
Were you really so blind, and unkind to him?

Can’t help the itch to touch, to kiss
To hold him once again
Now to close his eyes, never open them

A shadow passed, a shadow passed
Yearning, yearning for the fool it called a home

All things he never did are left behind
All the things his Mama wished he’d bear in mind
And all his Dad ever hoped he know

All the talks you never had
The Saturdays you never spent
All the grown-up places you never went

And all of the crying you wouldn’t understand
You just let him cry – “Make a man out of him.”

A shadow passed, a shadow passed
Yearning, yearning for the fool it called a home

All things he ever wished are left behind
All the things his Mama did to make him mind
And how his Dad had hoped he’d grow

All things he ever lived are left behind
All the fears that ever flickered through his mind
All the sadness he’d come to own

A shows passed, a shadow passed
Yearning, yearning for the fool it called a home

And, it whistles through the ghosts still left behind
It whistles through the ghosts still left behind
It whistles through the ghosts still left behind

Atlantis Productions will stage this play middle of this year. I will watch this, to see how it will differ from the Broadway shows.


Arli 8:36 PM  

Yes, I also like Kara! And Scott is an inspiration.

I hope season 8 will be as intense as last year's! Mala-battle of the davids ang theme. :D

yumi 9:31 AM  

scott is win! meron pa akong type na geek. forgot the name. hhahhha and another guy na mukhang pinoy (pero sabi ng dad ko hawaiian siya).

Arli 8:55 PM  

Hmm can't remember the others kasi medyo late na nung naalala kong start na pala ng american idol!
Have you seen Jason Castro's brother audition po? haha

yumi 9:35 AM  

yeaaaah! Michael is hot. hahah though he should ditch the red/pink hair. :P

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