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wait... now?

>> Friday, January 02, 2009

Even if I have experienced this a lot of times, at different occasions, it always feels like I get a first lesson.

When an event happens, I always have this urge to act right away. Then a force tells me to stop and wait. Slow down. Think about it. Maybe it's just my emotions that's controlling my decisions.

It's a battle inside me. My fingers and my mind are telling me to fight, to speak up, to do something. Then my heart tells me to stop. Weigh in the consequences. Wait for it, wait for it. Everything has its own time.

God's time.

Acting on impulse results in half-baked opinions.
Violent reactions.
Gossiper images.

Tonight is one of those instances where I appreciated the waiting season. The news broke late last year. I wanted to approach, to ask how life is going on during this time of trial. But there was this heavenly force that told me to wait. Not now. Not now.

Then tonight happened. No questions needed, everything I wanted to know poured out like an open faucet.

It just needed time.


And I just waited. It came. On the right time.

I was supposed to go offline already, because I was done with my usual internet business. I went offline, then after a few minutes, went online again.

Then it happened.

Thank you. It was like an answered prayer. And prayers I send back to you. To you, your faith and your love for Him. I pray for all the best for your family.

I still need to learn how to wait. It's not easy perfecting the craft, because I'll never be perfect in waiting. Every day is a waiting moment and I need to learn how to prolong it.

I will wait.
I will listen.
Give my opinions.
Then wait again.
Pray and hope that I may say something worth sharing.
And wait again.

God's time is definitely better than my time.


Anonymous,  7:23 PM  

The waiting game is not always the best option. Time is just like a candle and its wick. It runs out when the fire reaches the end. And keeping mum sometimes also aggravates the already worse situation a person can be in.

"I will wait. I will listen."
>On the contrary.. We 'waited' for this--someone, to 'listen' but it never materialized because of a constant shunning and never ceasing evasion of this someone.

yumi 10:07 AM  

wait. sino si someone? ym me.

well, you just have to wait for the right opportunity. there's always the best time. when you let go of that best time, then waiting goes to waste.

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