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A Tribute Campaign: Certified Senior Bloggista

>> Friday, January 16, 2009

A blog about blogging. Cool.

There's this campaign that is going around the blogosphere (is there such a word? It's the blogging world! Anything can be conjured out of that blogging cap!) on senior bloggers.

" If you are already 1 year in the blogosphere with a continuous blogging. Never been in hiatus is required. And if you are 2 years (+) in the blogosphere. "

Oh ghads. I've been blogging since 2004 and I'm more than a senior blogger.

SENIOR CITIZEN? No freakin' way.

I looked through my archives and looked at my 2004 entries. My September 4, 2004 entry said, "meron na pala akong account. hindi ko lang ginagamit." Oh surprise, surprise Yumi. You are indeed blogging.

It's been what, almost 5 years since I've first started that first blog entry? I realized that blogging has never gone out of style. People have seen a blog as an outlet for their interests, a venue to share about their lives with every single person in this world. Hey, hey, I'm here! Want to know what happened to my life today? Read on! Yeah, that kind of thing.

How do I categorize my blog? A photo blog? A theater blog? A personal blog? A scrapbook?

I can't say that it's a personal blog because I don't write about my secrets. I never write down my secrets because I have this feeling that if I do, someone will find out about it. You know how the antagonists in stories find the diary of the lead character. They find out a deep dark secret ("Oh how I love him so. I cannot wait to feel his arms around me again. Woe, woe is me!") then use it against the lead character. Oh that ain't happening to me, sister. Secrets are only mine and mine to keep. Besides, being too exposed is bad. You're in a risk of being sued for some stupid opinion you have, no matter how brilliant it is. Wow, that was an ironic sentence. Meh, who cares. Moving on.

My blog is a hodge-podge of everything about me and my interests. Most of the entries, I talk about what happened to my day. A general account -- woke up, worked on this, went to this event, participated in this seminar, read this book blahblahblah. Some of the entries are reviews of movies, songs, theater plays that have made an impact on me. Latest example is the song from "Spring Awakening."


Or my blog entries can be fandon squeefest on Josh Groban or Tennis (aka Roger Federer) or American Idol (heloooo Archuleta, Cook, Johns, Castro). When I'm lazy but would want to post an entry, I'd just open my flickr account and post a random photo.

So I conclude that my blog is a random blog.

It's so random that I will insert a cool gif of Federer. Courtesy of markeyesworld from photobucket.

I love blogger because I get to make my own banners. *points to header* SEE!! Photoshopping headers is my way of showcasing my Photoshop development. Woophooooossshh. I only learn by tinkering with the program, or random tutorials from friends. This is one of the past headers I have made.

I also do the layout for my LJ, but that's a different topic.

Hmmm. What else?

"You have to discuss on how you started as a blogger followed by a tribute for all the senior bloggista that you know"

1. I started blogging when my Raquel, a high school batchmate, set up an SHS blog. I was like, "whuut the hell is a blog?" I signed up anyway. And didn't know what to do with my account. I forgot about my account until some mystic told me to tinker with blogger. Tinker I did and created my own account. Tahdah, blogging for me has started. My college buddy Jace taught me how to post photos, create a banner, and all that shiz. I haven't stopped since 2004.

2. Hmmm, I know a LOT of senior bloggers. *groan* Do I have to jot them all down? I'm a lazy ass so I'll just list a few. Buggeroff, deal with it!!

Cool online friends:
Andianka - an opinionated lady. :) She's cool.
Arli - Fellow Federer addict!
Arvin - met him in one of the forums I was once addicted to.
Cielo - wow! She's gonna be featured at Sweet Life! Good job cielo! GO watch! January 21, 5 pm :D
Dauphine - one cool momma
Padre Salvi - yes, you read right
Pepe - from tuh land down undaaaaahh!
Sasha - busy blogger

Family and friends:
Adi - my office seatmate. mwehehe Our bankbook too.
Benny - philosopher turned poet.
Cheska - one happy camper.
Chikai - addicted to Michael Johns, David Archuleta and The Beatles
Faith - food tripper
Roni - she has been changing blogs for i-don't-know-how-long. She loves Gilles Simon too. She has tennis microblog. Light tennis reading!
Thirdy - Cousin. I found out about the campaign from his blog

My other friends are in LJ. If I go through them one by one, it'll take me forever. I might not even finish the articles (note: articleS) I'm supposed to be writing at this very moment. Which means, I need to wrap this up. My deadline is 6 pm. *drum roll*

So I guess that's it. Randomly done, just how my blog is.


Arli 7:30 PM  

I liked this blog entry~ All about blogging and why we belong in the blogosphere. :D
more of a random blogger din ako!
Have you seen Michael Castro? Yung kapatid po ni Jason? Nag-audition sya! haha

jeniffer 6:15 PM  

thanks for joining yumi.. I appreciate it alot.. grabe tagal mo na din palang blogger.. which is not doubt na senior bloggista ka na talaga.. congratz.. :)

yumi 10:09 AM  

Arli: YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH. i heart michael castro. Meron akong mp3 ng audition niya. hahaha yes, i'm that addicted.

Jennifer: cheers to senior bloggers!

andianka 7:06 AM  

waaaaah! senior citizen na ako??? hahahaha! gosh! welcome to the club na pala tyo.. oh well.. blogging never gets old diba? masaya, magulo, therapy... ah basta un na un! hahaha!

thanks for the mention yumi!!! matanda ka narin! (LOL)

yumi 9:23 AM  

Lola na tayo. haha

and amen to the wonders of blogging!

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