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swiss vs russian

>> Saturday, January 24, 2009

I downloaded the Federer-Marat match to see if Federer's win was just a walk in the park. I've been aware of the Marat greatness, but I haven't really watched a full game with him winning. I only became a deranged tennis fan when Torrent and live streaming came into my dictionary in 2008. I heavily relied on sports news before on the scores and didn't care about what really happened on the courts.

While watching the replay of the game, I studied the moves and the tactics of both tennis players. Both players were skilled and had equal chances of winning the round. It would be unfair to Marat if I said that he was losing his form and his game. He did smash aces and drove Federer to run after every ball hit, but his moves were uncoordinated.

I'm not being biased here, though it may seem like it when I say that Roger Federer is the greatest tennis champion of this era. What sets Federer apart from the other players is that he studies his moves very well and uses them to his advantage. I love his footwork. Federer doesn't just run across the court while playing, but he carries a rhythm with him. He makes hops and moves sideways, so that he is always facing his opponent and saves him time in twisting his body. I guess that also saves him from getting tired easily.

His frisky moves allows him to quickly change from small movements to large strides. He extends his body almost horizontally, risking everything just to catch that ball. Even if it meant driving the ball off court.

Marat moves diagonally, which causes leg tangling and less area coverage. By the time he runs to hit a ball, it has already bounced past him.

What caused Marat's loss was the strength of his racket smashes. Maybe in his pure determination of winning, he doesn't calculate how strong he should hit the ball. Most of his errors drove the ball right into the net. There were also numerous times that ball went out of the court. Bad angle + strong force = point for Federer.

Marat had smart moves and loved to make challenges. I think he challenged his a ball boy's call twice in a row. He got it wrong the first time, but his second scored him a point.

At the third set, Marat fully understood Roger's moves and used them against his opponent. Marat was fired and sent Roger confused and running in different directions. The balls flew low and Federer was close to kissing the court a few times. The third set was a winner, it brought tension to the audience and the court. Everyone thought Safin would win the set and extend the game to five sets. Safin was also brilliant in so many ways. He just needed to be more consistent. There were several delays in reaction times. Every micro second counts, honey.

Honestly, I feel bad for Marat on the foot fault. I could not understand how his serve went into a foot fault. They replayed the serve once, but the camera angle was not that reliable. The line man saw Marat's left foot go beyond the right side of the court. In the rules of serving, both feeth should always stay on one half. A centimeter of that shoe on the other half will result on a foot fault, which happened to Safin.

I was so nervous while watching the third set. Haha, As if I don't know who won.

Marat is definitely Dinara's brother. I noticed a lot of similarities in mannerisms, especially when they made errors. They'd throw their head back, place their hands on their heads and groan. Sometimes, Marat would shrug and frown. Dinara does that too. Haha, so cute.

Federer and Safin had nice words to say at each other and it was just an unfortunate event to have them play against each other. No hard feelings, just great tennis. And great players too.

Photo by Getty Images

Roger on Marat: He brings something different to the tennis world with his character, the way he is on the court and the way he is off the court. He’s larger than life.
Safin on Roger: I'll miss Roger the most. He's a very close colleague of mine.

Marat should win one ATP tour tourney. One good tourney before he retires. Perhaps another mixed doubles with Dinara? That'll be a winning sight. Little sister bullying big brother.

P.S. This was too funny to let go. Roger dear, you still have that top button attached. You look like a little kid playing peek-a-boo.

Photo by Reuters


Arli 3:05 PM  

You could be great friends with Jessica Zafra. Hehe :)
I like how you describe Federer's techniques when playing in the court. Hehe
*Fed looks younger in the first picture by the way!

yumi 4:38 PM  

I cannot top Jessica Zafra's entries on tennis. :)) I've read some of them and each entry is different. Nauubusan nga ako ng words eh, ilang beses ko yata naulit yung "hit" "ball" "smash" "serve" =)) hahahahha

Fed looks like a grade school kid walking towards the bus stop. mweheheheh "I'm off to school, Mom!"

Ashen 10:04 PM  

i wanted to read the whole entry but i got lazy so sorry. i just wanted you to know that i at least tried. lol at the last pic btw. [:

yumi 10:06 PM  

hahaha it's ok.

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