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>> Monday, January 26, 2009

Josh Groban's dream: To be a Simpsons character.

Guess what? HIS DREAM CAME TRUE-HOOO-HOOOOO! Because you... are... LOVED!!!

He was a dragon slayer in the world of Equalia, an imaginary land created by Lisa and her friend... what's her name? Juliet, there. (played by Emily Blunt)

They played three of Josh's songs. One is sung by Lisa and Juliet (You are Loved), and the other two are by Josh: So She Dances and In Her Eyes.

Josh got so giddy about it, he posted a screen shot and blogged about it.

Next time, can you guest Josh Groban? As in with dialogues and all the funny remarks. Then please book him a hosting show at SNL. :D


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