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>> Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last week, we suffered for two days. Internet was down in the office and sites was the major way of distracting and calming me from the office mental block out.

In order to remain sane, I regained friendship with the games installed in the computer. Poker wasn't that much of a help, because it takes much of my time and concentration. I took the next mental game.


It's really challenging to complete a difficult grid. You can detect mines 80% of the time. 20% is risk and luck. Most of the time, I have 10 mines to guess and end up clicking the wrong square. Very frustrating. Hardy-har-har.

Boredom led me to good results. I FINISHED A GRID!!

I just had to do a print screen. This was completed on January 26, 2009. No cheats (as if there are cheats on Minesweeper). Yeah, baby, yeah!

I'll keep on trying this game. I won't stop, even if I have completed a grid. Just keep on playing!


Ashen 3:48 PM  

i have never i think in my whole life as far as i can remember won in that game. i thought it was impossible but you proved me absolutely wrong, didn't you? lol. :]

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