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deadly balls

>> Friday, January 23, 2009

Ooooof! Those tennis balls can be deadly.

During Del Potro's match against Florian Mayer of Germany, he drove a ball straight to a ball boy's face. Well, accidentally of course. That must've hurt a lot.

photo by Associated Press.

Del Potro got so concerned, he approached the boy and consoled him. Awwww.

There was a similar accident years ago with Nole. The ball girl got a free hug from the Djoker. I'm sure the ball girl didn't mind getting hit, as long as it resulted in a sweaty hug from the Serbian. Hahaha

On a different event, the ball did kill. A pigeon, on that unfortunate day, flew by a tennis court during a match. Wham, the ball hits the pigeon right smack into its head. Talk about ball cross fire.


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