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somfthang's fishyyyy!

>> Sunday, December 21, 2008

More photos from "Out of the Water!!" Hip hip horraaaaah! All together now, TA! TA! TA!

Thanks to Ihanzki's cupcake, RJ, for the wahhhnderful shots. You can check his multiply for photos from the other plays.

Fish: Fish can live outside water!

Frog: If I win this competition, a princess will see me and give me a kiss. That kiss would transform me into a Price and I will rule you all!

Snake: You don't have to be loud to be heard. It's all in the word "persuasion."

Snake: How will you call yourself a King if you look filthy in front of those under you?
Lion: Who says I'm filthy?
(I do. Hahaha drench mode.)

Fish: But how sure is Frog that Frog will be the frog Princess will choose?
Frog: I will return her happiness. I will be her life.
(Toldya the make-up was melting. Look, the Frog looks like he was cursed by Maya (from Heroes). hahahahaha)

Snake: You gave your best too, isn't it? You can jump higher. Can you win?
Fish: Fish can also win!

Lion: Back to where she belongs.
(ooops, I killed my fishy.)

More photos to come, as soon as I get the cd from Reamur. :D


spellarli 1:38 PM  

Angganda ng girl who played the Fish. Haha nice shots! Poor Fishy.

Anyway, thanks for the wonderful comments! And have a blessed Christmas day ate yumi! 8D

Keep the Jon McLaughlin love comin'!

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