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Plan a Planner

>> Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Plan A: (this was around April) Save enough to buy 18+ cups of Starbucks coffee so I'll get my planner.

The good news is that they cut the sticker count down to 16. The bad news? I didn't save.

Plan B: Photoshop and print my own planner.

The good news is that I will save on caffeine and cut down my Starbucks expenses. The bad news is that I'm going to waste ink, considering I always go color crazy when it comes to Photoshopping. Another is that I was supposed to do it on InDesign, but I'm too lazy to figure out how to layout the days and the months.

Plan C: Buy a cheap planner from National Book Store.

The good news is that it's cheaper. Bad news: It's dulllllllll. And most of them doesn't have a pencil holder.

And that's one, two, three strikes, YER OUT!! From the olllllld balll gaaaaa-iye-iyeeaaaaayyyym!!

But wait, there's more!

Because of my extreme boredom this Christmas vacation, I pushed myself to stay away from the computer (which really didn't happen) and decided to make my own planner without the use of Photoshop or any form of printing.

And tah-daaaah! My own 2009 planner. It's for sale, but only for a limited stock. Stock being one piece. =)) Keeeedeeeng.

I rummaged through my art materials and found everything that will make me my planner. I also got to clean my art drawer of unnecessary stuff.

Illustration board. Check!
Board paper. Check!
Bond paper! Check! I only needed 40 pieces.
Scissors. Check!
Pencil. Check!
Ruler. Check!
Water color, colored pencils, crayons. Check!
Glue. Check!
DOUBLE SIDED TAPE. CHECK!!! (oh this is my life saver. Right Cerz?)
Sign pens. Check!

A-ok, I was ready to do major arts and crafts.

The stuff inside was easy to do. I copied the format of the weeks from the 2008 Starbucks planner. For each month, I only used up 5 half-bond sheets. One half-bond for one week. I used board paper to separate the months. I also put in extra few sheets for notes or important numbers and addresses.

The cover was tricky. I wanted to have a pencil holder. I searched online for ideas, and I saw this very innovative design for a cover.

Brilliant design by poppytalk.blogspot.com.

Too bad I didn't have the cloth, so I made use of the board paper as a cover. I cut a hole into the board paper, before covering the illustration board with it.

The only expense was the metal ring binding. It wasn't much, just 60 bucks from the ever reliable UP Shopping Center. I had to search for a binding service that could cut through illustration boards. I was already losing hope because almost everyone turned me down. Thank God for one stall that took a risk in destroying their punching machine. They're 60 pesos richer than the others because they accommodated me! HAH!

Param-pam-pam-pam! Me and my drum planner! Param-pam-pam-pam!

Cover with the hole.

Sadya talaga yung punit. Now with the pencil.

I placed slots for calling cards. There's also a mini folder for random cut outs or small pieces of paper like tickets or sudoku puzzles from Inquirer. Mwehehe

Ay demn. 2008 pala yung nalagay ko. Hahaha Well, there's still room to edit. Hip hip horrah to for seeing the error. I'm too fixated on year 2008. :))

It has my name, yo.

Separating the months.

Everything is manually done, down to the months and the days.

I wrote lyrics on the back portion. There's Groban, Cook, Archuleta, Mead, Corrinne May, a song from Lord of the Rings the Musical, Castro and Anberlin.

Now I'm a happy little arts and crafts girl who only spent 60 pesos on a planner.


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