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Out of the Water is restaged by TALAB

>> Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'd like to thank Zye, Herwin, Jellie, Kurt, Toni, Karlo, Bettina and Redj

For doing a good job on my play. I don't know how to thank you enough, but thanks. Really.

I'll post my review on "Out of the Water." As for the other plays, I have the review in my multiply. But you have to be my contact to see the review because I was pretty brutal in dissecting the plays.

Top: Herwin as Lion, Zye the Deerektorr.
Bottom: Moi the feeling college student, Toni as the oh-so-cute-and-adorable-Fish, Bettina as the beautiful SM (SM REEPREEZENT!), Kurt as the Frog, Jellie as the Snake and Karlo as the Monkey

Dundun, I'll be nice. Haha Because YOU DID ONE HECK OF A GOOD JAAAB MAH MEN! A little bit of history. Two of my cast members weren't really theater people. They were forced by their English teacher (and also our practicum teacher), Missy "my loooove" Maramara, to audition for extra points. They were freshmen at that time. I shove the scripts into their hands and asked them to read a few lines from the script. Surprise, I got my Monkey and my Frog from that class of non-actors. I'm so proud of them, with a few workshops, they became stage actors. So seeing these applicants on stage makes me remember those amateur kids (who are probably juniors right now, sniff sniff).

I met up with some of the cast and the director a few weeks back when I visited Ateneo. I gave Zye all the creative license to the script with only one condition: AYUSIN MO!! Awww, I think I pressured the little kid too much. And hell no, don't ever "po" me! I told him to surprise me, and to make TA proud. Rhem kept on texting me "Ang cute ng fish mo!!" Back then, I still favored my original fish, Fluff.

When I saw the new fish, I wanted to hug her soooo bad when she... died. (SPOILEEERRR ALEEERRRT!) She was sooo cute and adorable! Waaait! Don't kill me yet Fluff! You're still my number one Fish! Forever and ever and ever!

I don't have complaints with Out of the Water. You can breathe a sigh of relief now. Oh wait, I have one.

Since you were told that you were going to stage it at the Exhibit Hall, you could have anticipated the heat. I know how hot it could get inside that room. Hot room + hot lights = sweat. LOTS OF SWEAT. My play required make-up. They didn't use waterproof make-up. The result? Go figure.

They should've made up the actors with a design that won't melt when sweat comes rushing out of their pores. By the middle of the play, the frog's eyes looked like they were cursed like Maya's power (Heroes TV show). The black circles around his eyes were like tears already. Hahaha When the Lion said, "Who says I'm dirty?" I had to spurt out a giggle because he was in fact filthy like he drowned in murky water. The black marks on his face were smudged. Monkey looked like he had a mudpack session. The only make up that stayed intact were the Fish and the Snake. My production two years ago pwnd the make-up of this year's prod. They should've put less make-up on Frog to bring out the princely look on him. He was a green face with black eyes. Mwehehe.

And what is it with Frogs and Chinese guys? The first frog, Dwight, was Chinese. Chinky-eyed and white. TALAB's frog was also Chinese. Small eyes and white too. I didn't make it a requirement to have Chinese guys play the role of the Frog. Hahaha Tell me it's just a coincidence. Or is it a sign that my Frog Prince will be Chinese? AHAHAHHAHAH. Whuutever.

Anywho, good job guys. And to Zye, hephephorray on the dugong advocacy. Keep it up kiddo. Congratulations and thank you. :)

Oh. Zye, my surname is pronounced as Pee-tar-ge. Forgiven, foreigners always pronounce my surname as pitarg. arrrg. You pirate? hahahahaha

Oscar moment. Pagbigyan.

Thanks to the following:
Chikai *huuuuuug*
Jace. Write more plays! Write more plays!
Mitch. Tama na pagccheck ng papel!
Wowie and Steph and brother. That was a surprise. :)
Babe Geopet. Kahit late ka. Pffffft.
Reamur gehlprend. I thank you for everything. As in.
Xander. We will forever love you. YEEE. HAHAHAHAHA
The cast of Out of the Water. Thanks. Sobra. Kulang yung thanks, pero sobrang thanks. Ok, redundant na. Ang daming sobra at thanks. :))
Peanuts Valerio. For being so nice.
The Moon. Did you see the moon last night? Ang ganda. Perfect gift for the night.


spellarli 4:23 PM  

congrats sa play nyo! it seemed it was a success and you all had fun
kami ring english club may plano pong musical play! haha sa january pa. 8D

yumi 4:27 PM  

hey arli! haha yeah it was a lot of fun! it's such a very exciting experience. :D

Take pictures and videos of your musical ha! :P

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